Over the years Father has made provision for us in some pretty unusual ways.  Many times He has chosen to make us wait on a financial miracle until the 11th hour and sometimes the 59th minute!  We know of other ministries who have experienced this same thing.  In these circumstances, Father is teaching us all to trust Him.  Often He will ask us, “Why do you reason you have no bread?  Have I not said in My Word, “I meet all your needs according to My riches in glory by Christ Jesus?”  The vast majority of times, we cave and ‘do something’ before that 11th hour and thus we thwart what He was doing to stretch our faith and trust in Him.  Oh, how many times we have blown it.  BUT we are learning to wait, and when we see His miracles open before our eyes, it brings such great joy and pleasure in Him.  He is faithful.  The question is, will we let Him be faithful or will we cave to the pressure of the enemy’s lies that whisper doubt and unbelief?

We want to share a true story with you.  It happened just like this.  We had spent a couple of years at the cabin in Vallecito, Colorado back in the late 1980’s.  Our so-called water well was an 8” culvert buried 10’ under our kitchen floor.  When the water table was up during Spring, Summer and Fall, we had no problem with wonderful,  Rocky Mountain water.   However, in the Winter months when the water table fell, we would be without water.  For two winters we hauled water in the back of our little Mazda.  Not fun!

We talked with our Board of Directors and the decision was made to pray and ask the Lord to make the provision to drill a new water well on the property and thereby bless our landlords.  Roger went to work getting estimates for the drilling, underground pump and a holding tank.  With estimates in hand, he approached our landlord and asked if the ministry provided the $3,000 it would take to get the job done, would he be willing as the property owner to secure the needed permit to drill.  His response was, “Oh, you kids will never get that kind of money, but if you do, I will get the permit.”

Prayer began in earnest for the $3,000.  Just a few days later we received a phone call from the Vice President of the ministry and he simply said in his Alabama drawl…”Roger, punch that hole!”   We were elated and filled with joy to see the Lord make the provision and in such short time.  Rog asked him, “What happened?”

This man owned a casket company and he wholesaled caskets to funeral homes.  On this particular day, he delivered a load of caskets to one of his clients.  The client asked him if he ever ran across anyone who had a hearse for sale.  Our VP told him that he’d keep his eyes opened and asked what he was willing to pay for the hearse.  The man gave him the figure.  Moving along to the next client, as he pulled into the parking lot of his funeral home, there was a nice used hearse sitting in the parking lot with a for sale sign on it!  He asked the owner how much he wanted for the hearse.  It was $3,000 less than what the other man had said he would pay for a hearse!  “Deal,” our VP said.  They signed the title and our partner drove the hearse back to the first client.  Much to his surprise, he was thrilled to get his new hearse and so quickly!  Our VP called and told Rog to “Punch that hole.  The check is on the way!”

You can read more of God’s miraculous provisions in our free download of “Our Glory Stories.”  Thirty-two+ years in ministry has provided many of them.  Today as this article is written we have received a love gift from another of our partners who has the redemptive gift of giving.  Last week, suddenly her employer gave her an unexpected bonus of a week’s pay!  At first she resisted thinking the company had made a mistake and then she heard the whisper of the Holy Spirit say, “Receive this bonus from Me.  It’s for PITFH!  She called immediately to tell us that Daddy was making provision for us through unexpected circumstances.  It was an 11 O’clock and 59 minute thing again!  How great is our God.  Let’s sing together, HOW GREAT IS OUR GOD!

We pray that these testimonies will bless you with faith to stand and trust Father for the provision He has already promised in His word.  Why then, do you ever reason you have no bread?