The following is a list of things that can hinder one’s healing by Dr. Henry Wright in his book, A More Excellent Way.   It is an interesting list and in the book, Dr. Wright writes his comments about each hindrance based on his years of experience and knowledge in praying for the sick.
It has been our personal experience over the years of doing personal prayer ministry that we, too, have found many of these same hindrances present when working with clients.  We list them here hoping to encourage you to get a copy of A More Excellent Way and use it for your own healing journey as well as being informed to help others in theirs.
Roger and Gerri

  • Unforgiveness
  • Ignorance or lack of knowledge
  • No relationship with God according to knowledge
  • Personal and family sin
  • Not having faith in God
  • The need to see a miracle
  • Looking for signs and wonders
  • Expect God to heal on one’s own terms
  • Looking to man rather than God
  • Not being honest and transparent
  • Flagrant sin or habitual sin
  • Robbing God in tithes and offerings
  • Some are just not saved
  • Sin of our parents
  • Sometimes the sickness is unto death
  • Our allotted time in life is fulfilled
  • Looking to symptoms and not to the Healer
  • Letting fear enter your heart
  • Failure to get away in prayer and fasting
  • Improper care of the body
  • Not discerning the Lord’s body
  • Touching God’s anointed leaders
  • Immoderate eating
  • Pure unbelief
  • Failing to keep our life filled up with God
  • Not resisting the enemy
  • Just giving up
  • Looking for repeated healings instead of divine health
  • Rejecting healing in the atonement as part of the Covenant for today
  • Trying to bypass the penalty of the curse
  • Murmuring and complaining
  • Hating and not obeying instruction
  • Past and/or continued involvement with occultism