Hide and seek may be one of the first children’s games we were taught. Do you remember? Most of us put that behind us long ago until we, as adults, taught it to our own children or perhaps our grandchildren or our greats! I’d like to encourage you to consider taking up the game again on an adult level. This time it is not a game, but potentially a life-changing challenge. We will be seeking to find that which is hiding within us, looking for anything that hinders us or holds us back from being all that Father created us to be. Everything hiding in the darkness must be brought out into the light; exposed to be healed, delivered and set free.

What motivates us to think the way we do, feel the way we do, act the way we do, relate to other people the way we do, perform at our job the way we do, establish priorities the way we do? There are several potential sources for our motivations in life, isn’t there. Now think about that for a minute. Who or what motivates me? My walk with God motivates me. Father, Son and Holy Spirit motivate me to love and righteousness and a servant’s heart. Can the demonic motivate or influence me? The answer is yes. In spite of the religious denials that Christians cannot be demonized or influenced by demons, the truth is most of us need deliverance in some areas. Denial leaves multitudes in bondage unnecessarily. Love and affection from other people motivate me in a positive way and encourage me. What about hurt, abuse, wounding from others? Does that influence me in a negative way? Obviously, yes it does. Other people’s sin against us can negatively influence that way we live our lives. Our own sin is also bondage to us. Sin always has a negative consequence no matter what the excuse or reason. Most of the time we are aware of our own sin but there are other times we do not see it for what it is. In that case, someone has to help us to see and encourage us to repent and get free of the self-inflicted bondage. This can only happen if we are willing. Giving God and others permission to help us see our sin can bring wonderful times of healing and forgiveness.

Could generational sin be a potential problem? Absolutely, yes. Again, in spite of denials generational curses are a reality. Are generational blessings a possibility? If the answer is yes, then what comes down to us from generations past can be positive or negative. Whether positive or negative, these issues usually go back further than we have knowledge, but the Holy Spirit is not hindered. He can reveal whatever we need to know to bring us blessing and break the curses. He is always faithful when we are seeking.

So what is hiding in me that I don’t see that I need to see? Holy Spirit help me see. Reveal what is hiding and help me deal with it. Have I determined in my heart certain things that are binding me and hindering my progress as a child of God? Have I made vows and judgments as a result of painful situations that hinder my abilities to love and grow in Father’s Heavenly gifts? Holy Spirit reveal that I might repent and be healed.

Father created us body, soul and spirit. What parts need nurturing? We should be able to quickly answer, ‘all parts’ but is that what we really do? If our body gets hurt, can the experience adversely affect our emotions, our soul? The answer is yes. OK. What about our spirit? The answer is yes. If our physical wounding is severe enough we seek medical help, don’t we? What about our soul and spirit? Do we seek healing for them also? Our body heals and we go on with life not realizing that traumatic events can wound us in all three areas of our being, so rather than our soul and spirit receiving the healing they need, they just scab over and fester until another of life’s events come along and rip the scab off. The unhealed pain from the old wound adds to the pain of the new wounding situation and our negative response is increased. This cycle repeats itself over and over again throughout our lifetime until we receive the knowledge that Father has made provision for healing our body, soul and spirit. In the meantime our woundedness can produce emotional, spiritual strongholds that house our pain and can cause us great difficulty in our relationships with others. Hopefully this information will help you with difficult people to see beyond their anger, fear, critical spirit, etc. and begin to see their woundedness. This should help us give grace and extend forgiveness to them.

Have you ever known someone who seems to be withdrawn from life? They stay to themselves. They don’t interact well with other people. You might say they are shut down. That is because they are shut down. They are usually hiding behind a wall of self-protection. Their emotional and spiritual wounds from the past are unhealed and they are hiding in their attempt to avoid being hurt again. It doesn’t work. I know from personal experience. It does not work. Hiding destroys our quality of life. We can never fulfill our purpose and destiny in God if we are hiding and withdrawn. Seeking is essential. Seeking God and His provision; seeking revelation and truth; then seeking our healing and we will find Father, Son and Holy Spirit faithful to intervene on our behalf and bring the physical, emotional and spiritual healing we need.

Now, back to the person who is withdrawn and hiding. Their wounding should be obvious so praying with them to discover where the wounding is, is essential. If they can forgive the person or people involved who hurt them, then you can ask Jesus to come into the memory of that wounding event and bring healing and He will. He will remove the pain, not the memory. There may be, and usually are, more than one event and each will need healing. We must let Holy Spirit lead in our healing process. Developing a cookie cutter process of steps 1-10 and applying them to everyone does not work well.

If we have physical healing and healing for our soul, what about our spirit? Have we neglected our spirit? I know I did, because I never considered my spirit needing anything. In all our years as Christians, in all the different churches, all the different ministries, all the different teachers, pastors, prophets and evangelists, no one ever told us our spirits may need healing. Oh yes, we got the normal study the word and be faithful to your church, etc. and we did that, but it wasn’t until 2006 that Father miraculously brought Arthur Burk into our lives that we learned there is much more needs and available in blessing and healing our spirit. Arthur taught us and began blessing our spirits and then out of our own experience we began giving that same blessing to others who were wounded. We have had people come for prayer ministry who were shut down as described above, and as we worked through the healing process and Jesus came and healed wounding events, we eventually approached the subject of their wounded spirit. We shared the possibility that their spirit was hiding behind a wall of self-protection and asked them if they were willing to risk coming out of hiding and embracing life and love and pursuing a personal, intimate relationship with Father, Son and Holy Spirit. If they answered yes, we asked permission to speak to their spirit. Again, if they said yes, I looked them in the eye and I said something like, “Father, with ____’s permission, I speak to his/her spirit now in Jesus name. ____, I speak to your spirit blessing from your Heavenly Father. I assure you of His love for you and His broken heart that you have been so wounded. I speak blessing to you, spirit, in form of strength and courage as Jesus has been faithful to bring healing to your woundedness. I tell you now, spirit, that it is safe for you to come out of hiding. It is safe for you in Father’s arms. I ask you, spirit, to trust Him, renounce the darkness and hiding and fear and step out. Tear down the wall and embrace new life in Jesus name. I welcome you, spirit, as a child of God to be embraced by the family of God; loved and honored by your siblings as we grow side by side in the nurture and admonition of the Lord. You, spirit, are to be loved, honored and respected in Daddy’s arms. In Jesus name. Amen.

Our prayers are Holy Spirit led in each case. Father must be allowed to personalize the message to each of His kids. We are uniquely His. The power of His words brings transformation. Prayer by rout does not have that power. The results we have seen in people after praying prayers of blessing their spirit have been absolutely wonderful in many cases. They came with no light or life in their eyes. You know they are here, but no one is home. They were hiding! After prayer the light was back in their eyes. Life had returned. They were starting to live again! Hallelujah! I am not saying that they were totally healed and everything is okee doakee. No, healing is a life-long process and Father will lead us step by step to find the pathway to our next healing experience. If we will seek, He will help us find that which is hiding within us that is bondage and a hindrance to our maturing and to fulfilling our purpose and destiny in Him.

As children, the game was hide and seek. As adults, the game becomes seek and find that which is hiding. Wanna play?