On November 14th we sent an email to our  mailing list encouraging all to slow down during this upcoming season.  Here is what we shared in that email:
As we all get ready for the holiday season, let’s remember to pause and spend quality and quantity time with Him.
May we all stop many times throughout our day and just say, “Holy Spirit Rest On Me.”

We bless you now in the peace that comes in knowing who you are and that you are doing what your Father wants you to do,
and that He is pleased with you.  We bless you with the blessing of savoring, soaking in and rejoicing in the protection of doing the right thing at the right time at the right place in the right way, because you know your identity in your Father’s house.  We bless your spirit with peace in the name of Jesus of Nazareth. May peace &  rest overcome you during the holiday season.

Today we received a word from Father through a well respected ministry on the West coast.  It not only confirms what we shared with our mailing list above, but goes one step further in revelation from Him.  In part, here is what he said:

There is an acceleration happening right now.  Don’t let the enemy distract you with busyness.  It really is time to slow down and catch this next wave of the Holy Spirit that is coming.  Slowing down right now will allow  you to accelerate into your next season.  Breakthrough for many people is so close, it is as thin as a membraneThis year is winding down, and as we slow down, we will get into sync with God, which will allow us to accelerate into a new atmosphere of His unlimited love and power.

As we said, when the Lord speaks something once, He intends for us to listen.  If He speaks it a second time, we really need to ‘hearken.’  For many this last quarter of the 2013 is bringing transformation and moving many into new positions and places which will allow some of the greatest promotions in recent times.  Unfortunately, busyness will cause many to miss Him  and His favor and unexpected opportunities.

For us, we are going to make great effort to slow down, wind down, and dial down so that we enter that place with Him which will draw us into that new atmosphere of His unlimited love and power.  We know we will have to make many purposeful choices to avoid the chaos and clamoring of much of what today’s culture calls the holiday season.  For all who succeed in making the right choices, we will keep it a Holy Season.


Roger and Gerri