How many times have you heard these or perhaps thought them yourself? “God’s not answering my prayers”, or “Apparently, God just doesn’t want to speak to me right now.” I think more often than not, these moments of “silence” are more about our listening than about his communication patterns. God is always speaking in one way or another. The question is: are you quiet enough to hear Him? Too often, we’re simply not paying enough attention. Or perhaps we love to hear the sound of our own voices. And even if we don’t, there are plenty of louder people all around us, each with their own viewpoints on a subject and their own egos demanding to be heard. The world is a loud and belligerent place, lacking the subtlety of the Kingdom, but our identities are in the Kingdom and this is where we must learn to live from. As we find unique ways to rest, allowing thoughts of our identity in Him to develop, the situation we find ourselves in recedes in importance & His nudgings seem to be far easier to hear. Stepping back into God and the Spirit is vital. We have to learn to listen to the quiet voice, to sink into His rest, to simply pay attention. It’s in the secret places of the Spirit, places of meditation and deep thought, that wisdom can be developed. Wisdom is more than just experience and knowledge obtained; it’s the perspective that allows us to determine when to apply that knowledge and experience. That perspective cannot be obtained when we’re unfocused, scattered and closed down. It requires reflection, a spirit of transcendence, joy, and patience. As you become more and more acclimatized to living in rest, you’ll find the Lord pointing out odd little things during your day. Problems become opportunities in disguise, as you begin to hear what God has been saying all along while we were distracted and thinking about something else. God’s never distracted. He’s always listening to us and He’s always attending to us. We are just learning to listen to what He is always saying. So if you are looking to hear from God in a new and fresh way, seek to create a place of your own, places of stillness, where you can feel, think, relax and see things clearly. Make a place where you can relate to God and what His voice sounds like to you in the still places of your heart. It may be difficult at first to find the time and inclination, but nothing is really as important as being with God and hearing His voice. It moves, excites, and draws us into a more full encounter with His presence. It’s in this place that His voice becomes clear and easy. Enjoy it!