This is a true story. It happens often each day, but today it is my story told from the Heavenly perspective of an early morning vision given February 2, 2022.
In vision, I see the Sheep Path and many are walking down this road together with Father. There is joy and contentment on this road among the travelers. They are safe as they walk hand in hand with Him enjoying the peace and rest that obedience brings. Suddenly there appears the voice of the enemy whispering his lies and inviting them to come and walk with him as he promises things that look amazing. They weaken and veer off Sheep Path and onto Goat Road. They have been lured away from Father and now they walk alone for it was not what they thought it would be. Darkness covers them. Sin abounds as toils and snares rob them. They are caught in a trap they seemingly cannot escape from. Farther and farther down Goat Road they walk now, lonely and afraid as feelings of depression, shame and guilt overtake them. It is a dismal picture.
Then suddenly their eyes are opened and because of the prayers of the saints on Sheep Road, they quickly see where they are and exclaim, “I have left my Father’s house and I am alone.”
Weeping tears of heartbreak they exclaim, “Father forgive me for I have sinned.”
Lovingly Father replies, “Here is my direction for you. Take the next road to your right. It’s called Forgiveness Freeway and as you walk on this road it will bear you around and head you back to My house. When you get here come in. The door is always open. Go past the Throne Room and come down the left-hand portico to My Secret place. Knock and I will bid you to come in.”
I can see now that they are running down Forgiveness Freeway…running as fast as they can…weeping tears of sadness because of their sin, they are truly repentant. No remorse and sorry I got caught here. They are truly sorry for leaving Sheep Path and crossing over to Goat Road and they cannot wait to arrive at Father’s House.
Obeying Father’s directions they soon arrive at the doors of Father’s House. They burst in and follow carefully His instructions. They have arrived at the door to His Secret Place. They are worn out, disheveled and dirty. Their faces are stained with tears, but they knock and He says, “Enter.”
He says to the Repentant one, “Come. Climb up here in My lap and let’s just rest together.”
The Repentant one obeys and through sobs they say, “Papa, I am so sorry.”
Father simply but profoundly says, “I forgive.”
They sit quietly together each taking in the importance of this moment when suddenly the Repentant one feels a drop of water hit their arm. Where did that come from they thought? They turned and looked up to see the tear stained face of Father. It was His tear drop they’d felt as He wept for the return of one and for the many who still walked on Goat Road. The Repentant one felt the extravagant love of the Father. For a very brief moment in time, they felt the pain of His heart and shared His tears. Never before had they been this close to Him. The life lesson was indeed profound. Never again would they stray from the Sheep Path and away from the Shepherd who tended the sheep there. Repentant one hoped to never again feel the pain of the Father nor experience the tear that dropped from His cheek as HE WEPT.