God values time. Receive my heart for you in this blessing. May all the ticks of the clock register in your life that is filled with obedience, enjoyment of God, and awareness of his watchfulness and love. May every present moment be blessed in him to experience his thoughts and emotions and to receive goodness from his hand. May your days be filled with teaching, intimacy, and trust. Be blessed with eyes on God and not on self, with humility, confession, and certainty of his ever present forgiveness and cleansing. Be constantly aware of his feeding hand, aware of tasting the Bread of Life in Jesus. Be blessed to be aware of his fire that burns within you by the Holy Spirit. Let him translate truth and grace into you with life and power.

May you be aware constantly of indwelling God moments in your daily routine and of special God-appointments along the way. May eternal God come into your present time with love, joy, peace, and hope. May you always live in eager anticipation, standing on tiptoe of expectation of seeing God in every moment of your day. God bless your spirit, soul, and body to be aligned with the Father, Son, and Holy Spirit.

Sylvia Gunter  (c) Used with permission
The Father’s Business