Everything God has spoken is reality. It is a done deal. Therefore, anything we say, believe or
teach that in any way denies or distorts the truth that God has spoken is deception by flesh or
the devil and the consequence of that sin is self-defeating and a great hindrance to bringing
the Kingdom of God to a lost and dying world.
Denying, distorting, explaining away fleshly reasoning apart from Holy Spirit influence are the
tools used to divide the Body of Christ, the family of God!
This manmade process has resulted in an anemic representation of the Kingdom of God. Each
division of the Body thinks their beliefs are correct and every other division is wrong. Each
division is comfortable and confident right where they are. In other words, they have become
complacent. There is little to no hunger for more of God. When hunger for more of God is
diminished or absent, religion sets in and takes hold and life drains out of the people. Duty for
God becomes more important than relationship with God. This is evidence of death to the
power of the Kingdom of God we are to demonstrate and death to the powerful life of love we
can live in relationship with Father, Son and Holy Spirit. That is essential to fulfill our purpose
and destiny in God.

Taken from  The Evidence Is In, Vol I #1