Times and Seasons

It’s time for change. It has to happen. God is driving. The Lord is building His house where we will not labor in vain to build it. New structures and expressions are being birthed to contain THIS harvest during the greatest outpouring from Heaven. The world has changed and so must the Church. We are not in the 70s anymore. Our world is sinking into deep darkness and we have been called to be the lights that illuminate the way in this hour.

Jesus spent most of His time out and about with people who were not even close to coming to a temple. His whole passion was to heal ALL who were oppressed by the devil. He not only healed their bodies but also their hearts, minds, and spirits. Those who were forgiven much loved much more.

Be Wise as Serpents, Harmless as Doves

Have you ever watched a serpent approach its prey? The serpent doesn’t announce his presence but lays low, undetected, and waits for the right moment to make its move. We seek God’s wisdom for these days and the days ahead. Our thoughts are not God’s thoughts and our ways are not His. He is communicating a strong message to us, and we MUST be teachable to His instruction and warnings.

God’s got this. He knows what He is doing, how He wants it done, and He is trying to instruct us in something new that we have never done before. This is HIS plan, HIS Church, HIS harvest and we are in a learning curve like never before. It’s exciting and stretching for us, but the results are above and beyond what we can think up or ask for.

God is Financing What He Builds

We have been hearing about an outpouring of finances amidst the world’s voice of economic collapse. God OWNS it all, and the finances He is releasing is for the work of the ministry, preparation for the days ahead, and for relief of debts in this Jubilee year. God is building HIS Church and the gates of Hell will not prevail against it. When finances are poured out, it is wisdom not to set our hearts on the money, but that we use it for the intended purpose. There are faith-based films emerging filled with hope and promise, new spiritual communities where the Holy Spirit is honored and given free expression and creativity from Heaven that we have never, ever seen before.

Our best days are ahead, and God is driving. Let Him tear down old structures that don’t work and build new ones according to His blueprint and plan. When we allow the GENERAL Contractor to build according to His vision, people will beat the door down to come to meet Him.

Cindy McGill
Hope for the Harvest Ministries