Thursday, November 04, 2021

Recently in a time of prayer, the Lord gave me a vision of many gates opening up one after another. Then the vision shifted and I saw many doors opening, one after another. And then finally, I saw window after window each opening up, one after another. I was immediately reminded of all the different scriptures where the Lord opened up ways and windows for and over His people in order to advance and bless them. This is exactly what the Lord is doing in this hour!

Through this vision the Lord showed me so much prophetically for the body of Christ in this hour. This is a season where God is about to open up gates and doors of opportunity for His people to run through in order to advance the Kingdom of God. He is also about to open up the windows of Heaven and pour out so much of His favor and blessing on His remnant. God is not just opening up one gate for you, He is opening many gates. God is not just opening up a door for you, He is opening many doors. God is not just opening up a window to pour out on you. He is opening the windows, plural, of Heaven over your life!

Many have been eagerly awaiting the prophetic words and promises God has given them to come pass. The gates are about to open. The doors are about to open. The windows of Heaven are about to open. When they do, get ready to run! When the gates open at a horse race, the horses take off at full speed. That is exactly how we need to run after God in this season! Do not hesitate when God opens something up for you, run confidently forward with the Lord.

God is going to make a way where there seems to be no way. He is going to open up doors for you that you could not have ever imagined He would open for you. When you enter in through the doors that are swung wide open for you, you will understand the warfare of your previous season. The trials, tribulation and spiritual battles of the past will make sense in light of these open gates, doors and windows.

The reason God wants you to prepare before the gate or doors are open is because the old you cannot enter into this new season. Your old mindset cannot go with you through these open doors. Your old way of doing things will not let you operate correctly in this new season of open gates, doors and windows. Don’t allow anyone, any mindset, any old habit, or anything keep you from stepping into your open doors! Those who have been faithfully walking with the Lord season after season and test after test are about to be rewarded openly. This will be one of the most powerful seasons for the true sons and daughters of God. You are about to run full speed ahead into your destiny. You are about to see gates, doors and windows open for you so get ready to run through them!