The earth trembles, it quakes and shakes under the burden of sin that has accumulated. The breaking point is near. Individuals, families, organizations and governments will pay the unnecessary price for failure to accept My offer of salvation. Those who fight against Me, those who ignore Me, those who deny Me will regret their choices.   Those who have found Me, those who continue to seek Me, those who promote Me, will eternally rejoice for their righteous choices and reap the rewards of being a child of the Most High God. Let Me be ultimately and completely clear, I cannot and will not tolerate willful sin. The consequence of such a lifestyle is self-destruction. The choices between light and darkness are plainly clear to anyone caring to see. Are you seeking Truth? Jesus is the Truth. Seek and find Him and He will lead you to Me and to Kingdom living. I long to honor you as My child. I long to bless you and your family but most of all, I long to express My love to you. This is My ultimate gift for life is love and love is life. There is nothing greater than this. My love is the power to live life beyond the flesh into the spirit realm, into the super natural realm where I am. Religion will not save you. Performance will not satisfy you and bring you into Kingdom living. My love is the only pathway to complete satisfaction in the human existence. My offer is eternal and without prejudice. I AM says come!