Galatians 6:7 – “Whatsoever a man sows, that shall he also reap.”
This promise is coming upon the world as we speak! In fact, this promise is at work daily in our lives. Retribution for the slaughter of multimillions of unborn babies is being played out by the slaughter of civilians by terrorists worldwide. The terrorists strike at the heart of civilization. The terror of war is no longer ‘over there out of reach’. It is now here in our midst. No matter who you are or where you are we as a people cannot escape the consequence of our sin.
The promise in Galatians is neutral. We decide what we will reap by what we sow whether good or bad. When we decide to go against God there can only be one outcome! Unless we repent, turn from our wicked ways our self-destruction is assured. We proclaim our own sentence.
Civilization is on a precipice. My God, what a price we pay for our Godless arrogance and stupidity! The terrorists are being called savages and much more. So they are.  But what do you call a people who turn their back on God, fight to remove all visible representation of God from public view, remove prayer from public schools, make Bibles anathema, openly approve of all forms of sexual perversion and sink so low that they legalize the slaughter of their unborn children!
Morality is out the window. Lying, cheating and stealing are the way of life. Divorce is rampant. At all levels, the government fights to protect the rights of criminals at the expense of the victims. Confusion reigns and the unreasonable seems reasonable. Apart from God’s grace, common sense hides in the darkness. In the midst of all the uncommon, reasonable sense there is God! He makes Himself available to any and all who will turn to Him. He continues to encourage us that if we remain close to Him we are not part of the chaos that surrounds us. The power of His love calms the fearful heart. If you are fearful about circumstances, then I would speculate that you are not deep enough in your experience with Father and His love for you.
We are all reaping what we have sown, the good, the bad and the ugly unless we have repented for our sin and been cleansed in the blood, been healed of our woundedness and been immersed in Father’s love. It is never too late to have our love hunger satisfied in the warmth of Father’s embrace. His love flowing into us cannot be contained less we explode. This is a tremendous blessing to our world since Father’s embrace is the answer to the world’s chaos. Love hunger is the most powerful, unseen force plaguing man today. Every human being suffers from it unless they have experienced Father on a personal, intimate basis. Father designed us to need Him and no one, no religion, no other person or thing will satisfy what Father has ordained to be mankind’s ultimate experience in life. Meeting and enjoying Him is the ultimate, transformational life experience. What are you reaping?