4/5/16, Tuesday 10 PM

Daddy said: “Write this.”

Today is a new day between Heaven and earth. I have given instructions for My next stage of tactics. With love abounding, judgment must fall upon those choosing judgment…the beast unleashed. The angry, destructive, isolated beast has been unleashed to fall upon his own. No fear. My children must remain focused on Me. Destruction does not belong to you. Life and blessing are your inheritance, so stay with Me. You end is better than your beginning, just the opposite of those who oppose Me. If you are religious, repent and come to Me. If you are lost, repent and come to Me. If you are worldly, repent and come to Me. Come and shelter with Me. My plan for your life is overwhelmingly bigger than you have imagined or considered. Your roll in the supernatural is beyond comprehension to the flesh. Come and shelter with Me. I will not fail you. Peace and rest I offer in the midst of the coming storm. I will NOT fail you. Can I say more?     ~ Father


4/7/16, Thursday 10 PM

Daylight and dark both have a function, a purpose. Mountains and valleys both have a function, a purpose. Fertile land or desert, both have a function, a purpose. Everything I designed has a function, a purpose. Air and water, male and female, sun, moon and stars all have a function, a purpose. Body, soul and spirit have function, a purpose. The natural and the supernatural have a function, a purpose. The entirety of My creation has function and purpose. So what happens when man interferes, ignores, manipulates or attempts to change or modify My creation and its function and purpose? There will always be negative consequence to his health and well-being. If man does not co-operate with Me and My design he only brings judgment on his own head. Everything I design is rooted in the premise that life is love, so out of My love I offer life. The power to live life to its fullest design is found in My love. The majority of humanity lives far below their potential and suffer the consequence of love hunger. The sun rises. The sun sets. A new day dawns. Another opportunity to find My love and the fullness of life prepared for you and yours. It is My gift to you. ~ Father