Many people will consider some of the things I share to be negative, but they are not.  They can be destructive or life giving based on each person’s interpretation of the message.  Father always offers us life and love.  I offer these entries from my journal in life and love with the hope that each person will choose wisely.  The following selected entries are taken directly from my journal during June, July and August of 2011.   


           From Father:  Obtuse and obstructive behavior is rooted in self-protection.  The soul fights against the spirit like a rebellious child.  The ensuing internal conflict will most certainly manifest itself in some form of physical pain or discomfort until there is resolution to the internal strife.  Pain is a negative motivator and usually adversely effects relationships.  The natural withdrawal syndrome divides and separates and attempts to protect self from further threat.  This process is destructive and can be deadly to a life experience of love and acceptance.  It is the perpetual conflict between light and darkness, love and hate, intimacy and loneliness.  Withdrawal from pain is a natural response but should be temporary, otherwise the results can become unnatural and a roadblock to purpose and destiny in God.


                 Now hear this!  Now hear this!  The King of Glory reigns over the earth and of His rule there will be no end!  Mankind’s rebellion to God has once again reached the tipping point!  Consequences and correction must increase!  The unpleasantness that follows is totally unnecessary except for man’s hardness of heart.  It is insane to choose judgment over My blessing, pain instead of love, destruction instead of my grace!  Your self-centered arrogance will cost you dearly, but what am I to do that will cause you to hear Me?  You scoffers of God will wail and knash your teeth.  Your hard hearts will melt before Me, but it will be too late.  You will not recover!  I have repeatedly offered you life in abundance, love unconditionally and My blessing.  Instead, you have chosen yourself and the limitations of your flesh and My judgment for your sin!  With sadness of heart, I declare, ‘so be it!’  For My people, I declare, “Have no fear, for I am here at your side.  I am for you, so you are victorious!

Do not be ruled by what you see around you.  I am fully able to keep you safe.  Your trust and faith in Me will be required in days ahead like never before.  So gird yourself up for the good fight.  Be steadfast and immovable in My love for you who are faithful.  I am and always will be Your Loving Father.


                Father do you have anything to say to me?  Yes, son, I do.  The world is in chaos and chaos is in the world.  Confusion reigns east to west and north to south.  Differing opinions breed warfare.  Fear traps man in his comfort zone of beliefs not allowing the flexibility to deal with the crisis at hand.  Therefore, self-destruction is imminent.  Self-idolatry is a malignant cancer spreading around the world like wild fire, unable to be quenched!  Oh, the price man pays unnecessarily.  My Kingdom is at hand amidst the chaos.  The bright light of My love is glaring in the darkness at hand.  A true invitation not hidden, an opportunity without strings, yet many choose self-destruction.  Oh the futility of rebellion and hardness of heart!  There are only two choices for man to make – death or life.  Could it be any easier?  Your choices bring consequences.  You are in the driver’s seat.   It is not too late to choose life and blessing.  My Kingdom is at hand and available to you.  It’s not too late.  I love to be your Father.


                      I sat down today and asked Father if had anything to say to me from His word.  He said, “Jeremiah, chapter 19.”  [Please stop and read this chapter now for yourself.]  As you will see, God instructed Jeremiah to go and prophesy toJerusalemthat He was bringing evil and destruction against them because they had turned their backs on Him.  I believe the message to us is again a warning for theUSA.  You might even say a declaration against the spiritual condition of our nation.     While reading Jeremiah, chapter 19, I noticed on the previous page in my Bible that I had highlighted chapter 18 vs 7-10.  [You might also want to read that in light of chapter 19.]  It talks about God blessing a nation or destroying a nation based on their obedience or disobedience to Him, such as each case may be.