Today I had something happen that caused my flesh to rise up and scream, “I want to be heard!” It showed me that no matter how many years I’ve been working at trying to crucify my flesh, there are still times when I realize it is alive and well! I knew if I let myself go, I would spew trash all over my attacker, so I bit the end of my tongue off and forced myself to be still until my spirit could regain it’s rightful place. In the process, my ship did get righted by some thoughts from Arthur Burk as well as a talk with one of my personal intercessors. Here are some of those thoughts:
When you are challenged by corrupt systems or people, focus on growth, not justice. We must learn to walk in wisdom in corrupt contexts. Scripture is full of people who had to face sustained injustice and still be highly productive. From Jacob to Joseph to David to Nehemiah to Elakim to Daniel, we see Godly people challenged by corrupt systems or people and all the while learning to walk in righteousness.
It is not easy or fun, but the challenge of growing in wisdom makes you a much larger person, and I believe that is why God puts us in those situations. He could certainly judge the turkeys among us a dozen different ways, but just like He used Pharaoh to push the Hebrews to grow in areas they did not want to grow in, so God can use negative circumstances or corrupt, toxic people to grow us up.
Secondly, when we are the sounding board for others around us who are grousing about the abuse, we should step into the builder’s mindset and help teach them how to be productive in an unjust situation.
When I began to grouse with my personal intercessor, she immediately stepped into a builder’s mindset and helped me to turn my situation around allowing my spirit to retake it’s rightful position over my soul. My mind, intellect and emotions were poised for a “5 minutes in the flesh outpouring”, but her wit, humor and wisdom quickly righted my ship.
Looking back over my morning, I realize that this afternoon I am just a bit larger person, a bit wiser, and my Abba is grinning down at me because of my choice to focus on my growth and not on justice. It feels really good!
Next time you are faced with a corrupt system or a toxic person in your life, try focusing on your personal grown in the situation.   Ask Father what He has to say to you about the situation and turn over to Him your ‘right’ to release your flesh and spew out any trash. Trust me. You will come away feeling really good that spirit has won over flesh and you’ll be a bit larger and wiser person.