Thursday, April 22, 2021

I recently had a prophetic dream where I was on a TV studio set. Everything was pure, gleaming white. A well-known, older actor came out and I immediately knew he was the host of the TV show. When he came out onto the set, he was so welcoming, kind and encouraging to everyone. He stopped and greeted everyone on the set and was just loving on each person.

When the program started, he brought out 6 different people to promote what they were doing or their product. Each time he interviewed the different guests, he showed each of them so much honor and respect. I could tell in the dream that the reason this man was showing so much favor to the people on his program was because they were people with proven character and integrity. He went above and beyond to promote each person and whatever they were selling or doing to whoever may be watching.

I was standing off to the side next to a crew member. In the dream, I turned to the crew member and asked, “What is he doing?” The crew member pulled out a huge set of keys and said, “He is giving out keys to the Kingdom. He is promoting those that have been faithful to Him.” Then I woke up from the dream.

I believe the TV host in the dream represented the Lord. The thing that stuck out to me the most was the genuine, contagious love, honor and respect that He had for each person. Just like in the dream, I believe that the Lord is about to place unbelievable, lavish favor on those that have been faithful to Him and those that have Godly character and integrity. Jesus is about to place favor on so many and whatever they have been doing in secret is about to be rewarded openly. Those that have honored and served the Lord for many years are about to be handed keys to the Kingdom and experience a new level of the favor of God that will change everything!

There is a reason why scripture encourages us not to be discouraged or grow weary while doing good because in the right season, the Lord will make sure we reap a harvest! Keep going, this is your season. I believe the time is now for many to reap a harvest of favor because of their faithfulness to the Lord. If you have been faithfully serving the Lord and developing yourself with character and integrity the blessing and favor of God is about to hit you! God is placing His favor on those He loves and those He knows can be trusted with the keys of His Kingdom. Get ready for the favor of God to come and elevate everything you put your hands to!