As my sanctification continues, I want to be diligent to share any and all revelation I receive in the hope that it will help some of you grow with me! I believe every revelation we receive from God is a love gift for us but not just for us! I believe all love gifts from God become part of our ministry to our world! That includes the correction He brings us because even His correction comes in love and empowers us to change! So here is the latest gift of love I received…

All my life I have had a bad habit of calling other people bad names! Those names like idiot, morron, scum bag, jerk face, to name a few, have been a part of my thinking and conduct for many years. As I have watched the stupidity that has consumed our nation for the past 50 or 60 years, it has increased my frustration immensely, and therefore empowered my name calling! A couple of months back Father confronted me with this issue, lovingly of course. He said, “Son, don’t call people bad names. You do that from a position of pride!” Wow! I immediately apologized and repented and asked for His help to break the habit! I struggled with it big time! Gerri was a great help to remind me when she heard me slip!

Sometime later Father said, “Son, when I ask you not to do something and you continue to do it, that becomes sin to you! Wow again! Thank You, Father! I dug deeper! This has to go. Period! No excuses! Satan get behind me! I was really struggling in my mind! What do I call people who publicly criticize God and our nation? I was a blank. I had nothing to replace the demeaning names that I practiced for most of my life! Holy Spirit, help please! I know all pride has to go because that is one of the seven things God hates according to Scripture and that was satan’s major sin that caused his rebellion against God! We, as Father’s kids, cannot have any part of that.

This morning I was reading a book by Wellington Boone and low and behold he addresses this very issue of calling other people derogatory names. He says when we do that, we curse them! So, is that really what we want to do as a child of the Most High God? Cursing people is satan’s priority! Do we really want to go there? I realize that every time I play in his territory, I invite his participation in my life! I empower him to influence me in sinful ways! No Sir! With Holy Spirit help, no Sir! Be gone! So, what is the alternative? Well, Wellington Boone said it. I know it’s obvious, but I didn’t see it until I read it this morning! I don’t want to curse anyone, anytime! That reflects badly on Father! So, the obvious is that instead of cursing people, I must bless them! The lightbulb came on! The excitement hit me! Father’s answer to my dilemma has been delivered! I quickly realized that the people I so strongly disagree with don’t need more cursing, they need blessing! Their ignorance is a curse in itself! They don’t need me against them. I must be for them to change! I must represent my Heavenly Father and bless them! I can now do that! This revelation has set me free of the bondage I was in that empowered me to curse people! My mind is now free to bless them instead! The old habit tries to raise its ugly head, but with Holy Spirit and Gerri’s help, we have victory. I can now empower the Holy Spirit’s participation in this new way of life for me! I am excited!

In closing, do you see that when I curse other people, I was cursing myself? That stronghold in me kept me involved in satan’s kingdom and gave him power to influence my thoughts to cursing instead in where they should have been thoughts of blessing! So instead of being a channel of cursing that empowers satan’s kingdom, I hope to be a channel of blessing that empowers Father’s kingdom to bring His gift of love upon our nation and the world.

Thank You, Father, for Your loving correction! Thank You, Holy Spirit, for Your revelation and empowerment to new life! Thank You, Jesus, that once again satan is defeated because of You. Amen!