You know if you have a disgruntled person in a group, that person can adversely affect the other people in the group.  Something must be done for the overall health of the group.  To do nothing is self-destructive.  If the person refuses to make necessary changes, they should be removed.

This is true on a national scale as well.  Every country must deal with disgruntled citizens.  In some cases, when you have a totalitarian, dominating and abusive government, the people of that nation have a right to be upset and want change.  Many of them want out of their homeland.  Many of them want to come to America.  They long for the freedoms we have here.

Now surprisingly to some we have American citizens who are unhappy with our form of government.  They do not like capitalism and the freedoms that we have.  They prefer Socialism, Marxism, or Communism or so they say.  OK!  If you will be happier living under another form of government then sell what you have and move to the country of your choice.  We will be happy to be rid of you and they will be happy to have you since you support their form of government.  At the same time America should allow an equal number of immigrants from those countries to come here and enjoy life in our freedoms.  Their country will be glad to be free of them because they don’t support the government and their country may be glad to receive Americans who prefer their form of government.  So everybody wins, right?  Well…maybe not!  It really takes a psychotic mental case for an American citizen to want to give up what we have here in trade for Socialism, Marxism, or Communism!  It is hard to imagine that any American could be so naive, ignorant, or brain dead to have such an opinion!  In any case to each his own, have at it, and do your own thing.  Our nation will be stronger and better off without those who want to destroy our form of government and our way of life.  Let’s make a fair trade!