Every where I look these past few days we are being admonished to keep our eyes on the Kingdom of God here on earth as it is in Heaven rather than all the worldly chaos going on all around us.
The Kingdom of God here on earth as it is in Heaven looks like this:
Father’s love is unconditional. He never leaves or forsake us. He is always ever-present. He is always faithful even when we are not. He is the only true King in His Kingdom.
In His Kingdom I must make choices:
I must choose God. I choose faith in Him. I choose righteousness and holiness. I choose love, not hate. I choose honesty and integrity. I choose giving and not taking. I choose the positive and not the negative. I choose light over darkness. I choose the Spirit over the flesh. I choose the supernatural over the natural. I choose God’s ways over my ways. I choose God’s timing over my timing. I choose God’s plan for me instead of my plan for me. I choose God’s truth and faithfulness over doubt and unbelief. I choose to be victorious instead of being defeated. I choose obedience instead of rebellion. I choose life instead of death. I choose grace over judgment.
I choose all that God is and reject all that God is not.
Keep your eyes on the King and His Kingdom and you will walk in peace and rest.