Behold, a new day is dawning!  Let not the sound of war and discord deafen thine ears to My message;  for I would speak to thee a word of encouragement and would bring thee tidings of hope.

I say unto these, My little children, I have not gone away never to return;  but I shall surely come, yea, even at a time when many shall have become engrossed in the problems of the hour.

Lo, I say unto thee, My beloved ones, do not become centered in the problems of the world; but look up, for surely your deliverance is near.

My ageless purposes are set in Eternity.  Time is as a little wheel set within the big wheel of Eternity.  The little wheel turneth swiftly and shall one day cease.  The bit wheel  turneth not but goeth straight forward.  Time is thy responsibility – Eternity is Mine!  Ye shall move into thy place in the big wheel when the little wheel is left behind.  See that now ye redeem the time, making use of it for the purposes of My eternal kingdom, thus investing it with something of the quality of the big wheel.  As ye do this, thy days shall not be part of that which turneth and dieth, but of that which goeth straight forward and becometh one with My great universe.

Fill thy days with light and love and testimony.  Glorify and honor My Name.  Praise and delight thyself in the Lord.  So shall eternity inhabit thy heart and thou shalt deliver thy soul from the bondages of time.

Thou shalt experience a liberation from the pressures of time and shalt in thine own heart slow down the little wheel.  So shall ye find a new kind of rest.  Ye shall have a foretaste of the Sabbath rest, into which the whole earth shall enter before long.  When this time comes, I Myself will slow down the little wheel of time, and there shall be an adjustment, and it shall be as it was in the beginning.

The pressures of time have increased as sin has increased, and all too often My children have been found living more in the little wheel than in the big.  This happens whenever the flesh is in ascendancy to the Spirit.  Whenever the opposite is true, ye have always experienced fleeting but glorious freedom from the racing little wheel.  Is it not true?  Ye have found the Spirit always unhurried, and ye have marveled to find how oblivious ye had been to the passage of time whenever ye have been truly in the Spirit.

Ye can live here as much as ye choose.  Ye can enjoy this rest and disengage thyself from the little wheel as often and as long as ye desire.  Ye shall lose nothing and gain much.  Try it as a therapy for thy physical body.  Always it shall most certainly be a tremendous source of energy and vitality for thy spiritual life.