The other day I was in a meeting with our Ranch Acquisition Team. This team is made up of a number of professional people…our banker, our CPA, our realtor, a member of our Intercessory Prayer Team , Roger and myself. The meeting was quite productive and we were encouraged to see the Team come together having caught the vision of the Ranch Retreat and desiring to see the vision of PITFH come to pass. At one point in the meeting I held up a stack of paperwork that had come across my desk and I shared with the group that I was feeling very overwhelmed with it all. Immediately something very profound was spoken that has landed squarely in my heart. “Don’t be hard to help.” It was then pointed out that around that table sat a group of folks that are not only highly qualified professionals, but brothers and sisters in the Lord who are quite willing and able to step in with their expertise and knowledge and help us with this immense project!

This example is how Father God corrects in love with His wisdom and clarity. It felt so good to my spirit to hear those words, “Don’t be hard to help.” Suddenly I realized that I didn’t have to feel encumbered with all the details, I only had to be easy to help for those around me.

Roger and I learned many years ago that in order to be a good giver, you must first learn to be a good receiver. It is simply a matter of pride. If you can first learn how to receive from someone else absent a spirit of pride, you will be well on your way to being a good receiver! I remember a few years ago at Christmas time I was in Wal Mart to do some shopping. Father spoke to me to give a Dad with his young daughter a $10 bill. It wasn’t much, but first Daddy want to see if I’d be obedient and second, He wanted to see if this young man would receive my gift. When I walked up to the Dad with an outstretched hand and said, “Sir, the Lord has asked me to give you this gift to get something for your daughter for Christmas.” Without hesitation, he looked at me like I was from outer space and abruptly said, “NO!” I could feel his pride and resentment pouring back on me. I overlooked it and encouraged him again. “Please,” I said, “I’d really like to bless your little girl.” Once again, a sharp “NO” and he turned and walked away from me. He had denied me the opportunity of a blessing AND he denied himself of receiving the blessing!

As I received the gift of this word, “Don’t be hard to help”, I felt a ton of weight come off my shoulders with regard to the entire negotiations about the ranch acquisition. I have repeatedly said to Father, “Yes, Lord, I will be easy to help.” I have determined not to let my pride stand in the way and deny any one, especially those in this group, the ability and desire to be a blessing in my life.

How about you? Can you identify times when you have been “hard to help” because your pride didn’t allow someone to bless you? When that happens you literally rob them of a blessing that Father wanted them to have.   Perhaps someone offered to move a heavy box for you, but you refused and did it yourself even though it was too heavy for you. Perhaps you are the one who offered to move the box. Maybe your response to the other person should be, “Don’t be hard to help. I really want the blessing of helping you.”