This past month we celebrated our 52nd wedding anniversary.  We are somewhat of an oddity in society today and are often asked, “How have you done it?”
“Practicing the Father’s love”  is our response. That often opens the door for further dialog.
Here are some practical things we do to help YOU DO MARRIAGE WELL:

  • Be patient and kind.
  • Forgive quickly and say so.
  • Don’t be jealous, prideful or rude.
  • Don’t demand your own way.  What you demand you never inherit.
  • Don’t be irritable & keep account of how you are wronged. Bring anger to a quick end.
  • Rejoice together when truth wins.
  • Remain faithful to each other in every area of life. Don’t EVER, EVER give up.
  • Determine you’re in this for the long haul.  Divorce isn’t an option.

“True love can only be found in an atmosphere where self-centeredness is completely dead.” ~ Roger Taylor

“You cannot do marriage well and stay selfish.”  ~ Mark Gungor

Mark Gungor has some tremendous video teachings out on YouTube.  If you haven’t heard or seen any of his teachings, we highly recommend them.  Click Here  You will Laugh Your Way to a Better Marriage, hear The Tale of Two Brains and learn How to Stay Married and Not Kill Anyone!
We’ve written and published The Heart of Marriage as an eBook and you can download it here free.  Love offerings for the work we have done on our publications are always appreciated.
Included at the end of each chapter are study questions that make this eBook a great one to use for couples or groups.  Gerri writes in the Forward : “It is with great pleasure and honor that I pen this forward for The Heart of MThe Marriage Relationship Cover - Smallarriage, for you see, I have lived its message. It is a rare thing in this day that a married couple can live together in joy and bliss and minister together twenty four hours a day and seven days a week and successfully do the art of marriage. Rog, my beloved, and I are one such fortunate couple. Readers, let me assure you that it has not always been that way, but we can say we are nearly forty-six years (now 52 years!) into this process. Our vows are more important to us today than the day we spoke them. There have been times and seasons when those vows were broken significantly with each other, but by Father’s love and grace, we have overcome many mountains and valleys of trials and disappointments. Today we stand before you as examples of what God can do when two hearts are open and willing to change.”