How many of us in the Body of Christ truly live up to our rightful place as a child of the Most High God?  How many of us realize we are living below that place in God where He desires us to be?  How many of us believe we have succeeded in life when in God’s eyes we have failed to reach the heights of our calling?  In reality, what is our potential?  If I feel I have arrived and I’m satisfied with my accomplishments I would be wise to ask Father if He agrees with my assessment.  Otherwise, I risk living below my potential in God in a diminished stature.

The world’s view of success seldom lines up with Father’s view of success.  For example, the rich and powerful, prideful, arrogant and haughty may think they have arrived and are successful, and to the world they are.  But by God’s standards they may be living in diminished stature compared to He would like them to be.  Naturally, I realize that you don’t have to be rich and powerful to be prideful, arrogant and haughty.  I have seen poor people with similar character flaws that demonstrate that we are living in diminished stature.  Our rightful place as children of God is much better than we currently are.

What is the evidence that we are living below our potential?  As mentioned pride, arrogance, haughtiness, a condescending attitude towards other people is stark evidence that we have descended far below our rightful place in God.  Also, if we have patterns of anger, fear, jealousy, lying, cheating, stealing, criticism, self-hatred, lust, covetousness, sexual sin, guilt and shame, there is enough evidence to convict us of living in diminished stature.  These are just some of the examples of character flaws that are evidence that we are living below our rightful place as children of the Most High God.  We are living in diminished stature.

Conversely, what is the evidence that we are living more and more like the born again child of God that we are?  First of all, the increasing absence of the character flaws previously mentioned for a start.  Secondly, the increasing evidence of love, mercy and grace in our personal relationships and the fruit of the Holy Spirit demonstrated in our interaction with one another are very viable signs that our flesh is dying and our stature is increasing.  Thirdly, the increasing absence of religion in our lives replaced by a vigorous intimate, personal relationship with Father, Son and Holy Spirit will cause us to walk in dominion in the King’s domain.

Can we not legitimately encourage one another to rise to our potential in God?  Can we not help lift each other up reaching for our full potential in this life?  We don’t have to be less than all we are created to be.  Can we not risk asking those closest to us to help us grow by encouraging the positive character traits they see in us and also help us grow by challenging the negative character traits they see in us as well?  We need each other in our journey to our destiny.  Everything we need to be successful on our journey with Father has been made available to those who will seek Him first.

Onward and Upward,