Devastation and Reclamation By Ron McGatlin

Note: This is NOT doom and gloom, and it is not political.  However, it is probably impossible to overstate the potentially dire situation of failure the western world is now facing. The potential breakdown in every area of national governments, security, and prosperous living is real. Without a major change in the current spiritual and moral condition and the fortitude of the people, a major breakdown and tyrannical takeover is unavoidable. Some of this report and warning is not as much prophesying as it is speaking godly wisdom such as the sons of Issachar who had understanding of the times and knew what Israel ought to do. The problem of speaking truth that is not readily seen by the general population is that you are seen as some kind of alarmist or conspiracy theory crazy person. Or even worse one can be accused of bringing forth the evil by speaking the warning about the treacherous deeds being perpetrated against the western world. Without God’s intervention, it is not if, but when the economic collapse will trigger desperate devastation on a scale the magnitude of which the world has never seen. The world systems have been kidnapped by the realm of spiritual darkness that has purposely led the people to the edge of a suicide cliff. The pressing surge of the deceived masses is pressing toward the edge of the very steep cliff drop off. When those in front come close enough to see the deadly drop off, there is no room for them to turn back. Screaming to the masses behind them to stop is of no avail. They cannot stop the vast streaming flow of human beings from being pushed off the cliff and falling to the death of the quality of life and freedom they had known. This is a vile but accurate picture of the world system and the people who have turned away from their loving God to their own devices and self-oriented methods of governing their lives completely apart from the safe and prosperous oneness with the only true God. Masses of secular and religious people have left the God who made them and desires to cover them with the peace and security of an abundant life within and around them.

God’s Reserved People There is another group of people who have become one with God and live in Him and His presence. They are nowhere near the cliffs and are secluded and protected under the shadow of the Almighty. These are the meek who shall inherit the earth. They are the seeds of the kingdom of God coming forth to reclaim the earth and all that is on it for Christ Jesus, the rightful Lord and King of all the earth. The wealth and possessions that are left behind by the self-destructing masses will become the inheritance of God’s kingdom men and women. They will cleanse, repair, and rebuild the inherited world with the help of God and holy angels.

The Harvest of Godliness and Evil Like trees that were planted long ago and have finally grown to maturity and are loaded with fruit, this world harvest of both godliness and evil is ripening and ready for harvest. The evil tree will bring forth its devilish fruit of death and devastation. The pure holy tree of “God with us” will bear its fruit of righteousness, peace, and joy under His wings out of the view of the evil darkness. After the sons of darkness (tares) are removed, the sons of God will shine forth in the fullness of His glory and rebuild the ruined places of the world. The abode of the Lord in and with His people will be established on earth. The fruit of the kingdom on earth as it is in heaven is growing to full maturity to eventually cover the earth. If the enemy’s plan is allowed to come to pass, many of you will see a culminating explosion of darkness taking place soon, possibly by the fall of 2016. The enemy plan is to cause such a cataclysmic crashing turmoil that free elections cannot be held. The nations turning from God has lowered the hedge of godly protection and is allowing these devastating events. Turning back to God is the only potential for stopping the crashing failure of the western nations. However, in the time immediately before the big crash, the grace and loving kindness of God will be taking home to heaven many of those who have either finished their course or for some other reason are not to go through the great darkness of devastation that will eventually be followed by the arising of the fully matured and fully manifested people of God’s kingdom shining with the glory of God.

The Enemy’s Plan The current world anti-Christ leaders are behind the scenes plotting and planning for the end of godliness in the world and the tyrannous takeover of the world. The plan is to cause the darkest crash in history and the end of prosperity in the western world. The deceived anti-Christ leaders are not incompetent and are not accidently making devastating decisions, but are actually either knowingly or unknowingly working an evil plan for the devastation and annihilation of godliness and the takeover of the world with the darkness of evil. The plot includes pitting one faction against another through divisive and blatant governmental decisions and designed organized protests and militant actions while pretending to be seeking peace. With the full cooperation of the mass media, common people are being led to be against established authority of local police and law enforcement agencies. The law enforcement, including military, are being trained more and more that the people are their enemies and must be firmly restrained. Constitutional law is being eroded toward a police state. The different parts are being led to mistrust and despise the other parts. While at the same time great effort goes into continued demoralization of the once strong people causing the past main stream moral majority to become a decreasing minority. Population manipulation through non-reproductive marriages, abortion, and birth control along with extremely high cost of birthing and raising children continue to rapidly decline the population of once main stream people while multitudes of others are welcomed as immigrants. All of this and more is funded by exploding national debt. Massive unbelievable debt spending has plunged western nations into impossible debt that can never be paid and is leading to an international catastrophe.

God’s Grace and Provision If you are one of God’s faithful chosen ones destined to go through the darkest of times and to come forth on the other side in the brightness of the glory of God, you will be graced with the capacity to endure the darkness and will not be overcome though thousands may fall around you. A deep astronomical faith and trust in God along with the absolute light of pure holiness in deep total reverence for God will be formed in you. God will be able to trust you and those with you who have endured this time with the fullness of His life and glory. The same power and wisdom that created the worlds will safely abide within you and those with you. None shall remain who would ever again merchandise or misuse the power and glory of God on earth. That which could not be known or perceived before this time of great light will be fully available in the totally purified holy men and women on earth, and there shall nothing enter into this “New-Jerusalem life” that defiles. There will be no defilement among men and women of God who have endured the cleansing judgments and received the fullness of kingdom empowerment from God. Through many cycles of danger, toils, and fears, we the people of preparation have already come. We have known a large measure of personal devastation followed by a measure of the same grace and glory which are to come beyond the great worldwide devastation of darkness. However, never before on earth has this potentially extreme level and worldwide scope of devastation and destruction come upon this earth. Neither has the same level and scope of the glory of God been manifested across the entire world as in this Day of the Lord.

The Last Great Hurrah Without a worldwide extreme prayer effort of total repentance and crying out to God for the postponement of this time of dark devastation, 2015 will possibly be that last full year of great prosperity and freedom for the western world. A worldwide turning to God in repentance and complete surrender of life to God by all who know His name could stop or at least postpone the Day of the Lord Judgments. However, ignoring the warnings of God and allowing them to go unheeded will allow the season of great darkness to mushroom into worldwide devastation probably sometime after 2015. The prosperity of 2015 is for the purpose of either fully turning back to God or for preparation for the intense lengthy darkness and devastation to soon follow. The ample provisions including supernatural power and wisdom are the means for spiritual and natural preparation. The skirmishes with evil armies and spots of devastating disasters allowed in 2015 are only warning shots to encourage the rapid preparation for the soon coming season of cleansing judgments and removal of all that God has not built. All that the pride of man has built without God will be completely gone or left in total ruins. The loftiness and pride of man will be destroyed in preparation for the glory and honor of God to fully manifest into this world bringing forth the fullness of the kingdom of God.

Now is the time to spiritually arise to the fullness of the place of our calling. This is the time to throw off all that hinders and move full out into the calling of our lives. There is not time to wait or to be occupied with the affairs of this life. The banquet table is prepared, and the master is calling for the guests to come and partake of the bounty of His provision and honor Him with our full attention – our whole hearts. The supernatural end-time army of God is being marshalled. It is time to find our place in the ranks and step into that which God has called us to be and do. This is not for someday in the future; this call is for 2015, a year to live in the supernatural love, power, and wisdom of Almighty God, our Loving Father as one in and with Christ Jesus, our Lord, Savior, and King who has called us and made us to be joint heirs with Him in this the eternal glory of God now. Then the seventh angel sounded: And there were loud voices in heaven, saying, “The kingdoms of this world have become the kingdoms of our Lord and of His Christ, and He shall reign forever and ever!” Rev 11:15.

Ron McGatlin