What is it like to live in deception? It seems obvious that we can live in peace with our deception until truth comes along. Then there can be a rude awakening when a door opens and truth comes charging in. The collision between that truth and our deception can be earth-shaking. Then the question becomes, will the shaking result in a life-changing event. What will we choose truth or rebellion?

It can be frustrating, discouraging, painful even fearful to discover we have been wrong about something. Oh my! On the other hand it can be liberating, exciting and joyful to finally be released into truth.

There are many sources of deception like our flesh, our family, friends, teachers, religion, satan, and so on. However, there is only one source of truth. Jesus said, “I am the Truth.” It should be known that the basis of Christianity is Jesus, Himself, and Jesus said, “A person must be born again if we are to see the Kingdom of God.” How is it then, that a recent survey shows that 78% of Americans say that they are Christians. The same survey shows that 26% of Americans say they are born again! So over 50% of the people that call themselves Christians at all according to Jesus! The deception these people live in will have devastating consequences unless Truth arrives on the scene and they accept the revelation. This is like going and standing in a garage and calling yourself a Corvette! Chevrolet would dispute your claim!

How many deceptions do we live by? How many ways are we deceived? Doesn’t the subject at least deserve our attention? Now if we take the attitude that ‘I am not deceived’, it’s those other poor people out there then we can miss the next step in our eternal transformation as a child of the Most High God, or as in the survey example above, we may discover our beliefs are wrong and we must make an immediate course correction to become a child of God!

Look at the scope of possibilities where deception may be at work. Here are a few: religion, government, family, marriage, science, education; in other words in life itself. So are we participating in deception? Well, since no one has all the truth except Jesus, we can assume we are. Now I realize we could debate the difference between ignorance (lack of knowledge) and deception, but in either case, the only correct or life giving solution is God’s truth.

This thought process leads me back to our eBook, The Heart of Marriage, and Chapter 16 titled The Lies We Live By. The lies we live by and the power those lies have to misdirect our life experience is enormous. When we believe a lie, it has the power of truth even though it is deception. This is our enemy’s territory. He lies, spins, twists, cheats, distorts and deceives to derail mankind from our God-given purpose.

Fear and anxiety are not a solution to resolving any deception we may be living in, for that again is our enemy’s domain. Our liberty from deception lies in pursuing our own personal, intimate relationship with Father, Son and Holy Spirit. In those relationships we will find peace, liberty, truth and success and fulfill our God-given destiny.

Rise up and press on child of God. He awaits you. His love will empower you and transform you from the inside out for eternity.

In His love,