Very often how we handle correction is a direct indicator of our spiritual maturity or spiritual immaturity!  Learning how to receive correction graciously is something we all need to work at.  Years ago a very wise man shared this with me.  I’ve never forgotten it and as I have applied it in my life over the years, it has been most fruitful.  He said, “Gerri when correction comes from anyone, simply say, “Thank you.  I will prayerfully consider what you have said.”  It shows grace and maturity when you say it and really mean it from your heart.  If you’re just giving lip service, then don’t waste your words! 

            Next quickly take time with Father and present to Him what’s been shared with you.  Ask Him to show you any truth that has been spoken.  Openly and honestly ask the tough questions of yourself before you go into any denial.  Ask Father if He has anything to say to you concerning the situation and journal what He says.  Listen carefully and if you are still unsure about what you have heard, submit it to someone in close relationship with you; someone that you spiritually respect.  Give them full permission to speak freely into your life.   Remember that trust, honor and respect are things that are developed out of intimacy in relationships and they are built over time.   We all need these types of relationships in our lives.

            Wise is the person who respects others before offering any correction into their lives.  The more perfect scenario is to wait for the other person to ask you what you are seeing.  If the relationship is strong and respect well developed, there will usually be good dialog, open, honest communication and then hopefully prayer will follow as you both seek to walk in truth and transparency before Father.

            It is not wisdom to attempt to speak into another person’s life if we do not know them or we are only briefly acquainted with them.  In my life personally, I have many acquaintances.  I have few that I can truly call friends.  When my friends speak, I listen.  I also know that when I speak to these friends, they listen to me.  This is because we have spent time developing intimacy and relationship.  I find that when we try and speak into another person’s life that we do not know or we only know casually, we are usually doing so from a position of pride.  This type of correction is rarely received and often cause for offense. 

            We all need correction.  There is no one who is completely healed or exempt from needing correction.  Rog and I have received correction many times from Father.  In every single case, we have come away knowing that He has spanked us, but loving every minute of it!  As our legitimacy has come in and through Him, we are getting better and better at handling correction, both from Him and from others.  Things like the fear of man, fear of rejection and/or abandonment, shame or guilt are becoming less and less dictators in our lives.  As our confidence in who we are as a Son and Daughter of the Most High God grows, it has become much easier to receive correction from Father and also to prayerfully consider any correction that comes to us from another.  So, next time you hear some form of correction from someone, I encourage you to simply say, “Thank you.  I will prayerfully consider what you have shared with me.”  Then go do it!