Life is receiving love and giving love is giving life…for life without love is not life at all!  Love hunger causes us to strive to receive and demands satisfaction.  Life without love promotes self-centeredness, fear, greed, covetousness, jealousy and we give only to receive.  In this case, we give what we have…flesh.  What giving we do usually has strings attached.  For example, what am I going to get in return.  Love hunger breeds perverted giving and usually results in people running from us instead of to us, so love hunger remains unsatisfied and our striving continues.  Many of us then do not realize why we are striving in life, why we are not satisfied, why we are unhappy, and/or depressed.  God says for your sake, do this, but we choose to do something else justifying and excusing our rebellion because of our circumstances or our own exalted opinions.  Then when we suffer the consequences of our rebellious choices we struggle once again with what to do next to make our life experience better.

Yielding is the key to receiving.  Repenting is the open door to new life.  God is the only source available that has the potential to bring a full, complete, rewarding life experience because He designed the system.  Anything short of His design will leave us short in life experience.  His love is the ONLY love that can bring true, internal transformation.  Love hunger BE GONE!