All emotional strongholds contribute thoughts, attitudes and actions into our life experience.  What are our emotional and spiritual strongholds?  How many do we have?  They can be things like:

  • Rejection
  • Abandonment
  • Fear
  • Lust
  • Anger
  • Shame
  • Guilt
  • Self-hatred
  • Illegitimacy

Whatever emotional stronghold we have can contribute to confusion and every evil work in our daily experience.  This at times can equal torment and obviously indicates a lack of peace.  Take for example a phone call from Aunt Susie.  While you are talking to her, someone else comes on the line and begins talking about a different subject; then someone else comes on the line and begins talking about yet another subject.  How do you handle the call?  Can it produce confusion, frustration, anger, etc.?  What can you do?  Hang up?  But it continues to happen.  How does the situation affect your quality of life?  Do you hate to hear the phone ring?

So consider on any given day, in any given place, under any given circumstance your fear says…then your shame says…then you turn and your lust says…then your self-hatred says…then your guilt says…and finally your anger explodes on the scene and you are embarrassed and you retreat and go hide somewhere!  Recovery is difficult!  You are at your wit’s end because this is a pattern in your life!  Depression is always lurking around!  Suicidal thoughts can be familiar bedfellows!  Happiness and joy are rare, fleeting visitors!  Relationships are repeatedly strained and difficult!  Decision making invites more unwanted contributions from our strongholds and our merry-go-round continues on its all-too-familiar path of self-destruction.

What I have described here is not God given!  The few emotional strongholds I’ve mentioned here are developed by negative life experience, but they don’t have to be permanent fixtures!  Because of Father’s love and grace for us, He has made provision for our healing and transformation from a life of flesh and worldliness to a supernatural life of spirit and healing enjoying the benefits of Heavenly love and acceptance we have never known before!

So what will we choose…the same old familiar path of life that only offers more of the same or is it time to choose a new path of healing and transformation that offers new life experience with treasure from Heaven previously unknown?

We all have a standing, personal invitation to be part of Father’s supernatural family and participate in the Heavenly benefits that come with every membership!  What do we choose?