We have posted numerous articles about the change of spiritual seasons which began in 2004.  At that time the church entered the Mercy Season
which is the last season of the church before Christ’s return.  You can read more about it on our website and click on the article entitled Seven Seasons of the Church written by Arthur Burke (not Arthur Burt that Clay refers to in his article.)  We are now more than 10 years into this new season and evidence is clearly pointing to characteristics of this new season.

In an April 2015 post by Clay Sikes he defines the transition from the Church Age to the Kingdom Age…a transition that Places in the Father’s Heart has been experiencing over the past 10 years.  We are finding PITFH in each of Clay’s characteristics.  We present his article for you.

Characteristics of the Coming Kingdom by Clay Sykes 

 I think most, if not all, in the prophetic community sense some form of spiritual change. While there is no doubt there remains some question as to exactly what this change represents, many have zeroed in on ‘The Kingdom.’ Are we in the Kingdom Era? Have we transitioned from one spiritual era to the next? I submit we have; and as such, now making the subtle transition from Church Age to Kingdom Age. I realize the mere suggestion of such can evoke angry protest, especially from those less inclined toward prophetic ministry. What is offered in this writing is a simple sense of spiritual change, and hence some nuances of the characteristics of this new season. Just as a man would be less prone to dress lightly in winter and heavily in summer, so too do changing spiritual seasons require knowledge of the ‘characteristics of the appointed hour.’

For some years in advance of this change, I heard heavenly words relative to ‘characteristics of the Kingdom.’ While I had little in the way of understanding (at the time), I now see the extraordinary relevance of these traits. If I am overdressed for summer, I suffer heat exhaustion, just as I will freeze (in winter) if dressed for summer. This analogy carries truth (weight) in a time of changing spiritual eras. What is written addresses some of the more obvious changes as relates to our sphere here in coastal Georgia, but perhaps extends outward to others. As Arthur Burt often said, “test it.” If there is a fit, wear it – if not, discard it just as you would a pair of worn out shoes.

For purposes of discussion, I will refer to these eras as the second-third and the third-third – as the second-third represents the Church Age, and the third-third represents the Kingdom Age. To initiate, I will begin with the most obvious difference in these two appointed times. During the third-third, it is a fact that millions have left organized religion, choosing instead to meet in homes, offices, street corners, restaurants, hotels, etc., much the same as the First Century Church. While this fact is not an indictment against any who remain in a wonderful church home, the solid truth is many have left churches bound by the systems of men; churches that choked the voice of the spirit in favor of programs, new buildings, hype, entertainment, etc.,.  An unquenchable ‘third day thirst’ cannot be quenched with a false message as perhaps it once could – the demand for truth has increased in God’s people. The wick of discernment has been turned up, hence an intolerance in the masses for anything but truth.

While the above is an undeniable statistical fact, other changes are more subtle yet just as relative to the abounding transformation. The one-man show is over; as the changing dynamic is now geared to ‘Body Ministry.’ True ministry is flowing through the Body, by the Body, to the Body. The one-fold ministry has been replaced by the five-fold ministry, as unused gifts formerly stagnating in church pews have been ‘tapped’ for service. Millions are finding their callings as they leave a system that did not allow their gifts to proliferate. The bones of our traditions must break (often painfully) to find our way into Kingdom citizenship. Spiritual ignorance often comes disguised as tradition. The walls of tradition prevent the word of God from penetrating the hearts of men. Watch out when your preconceived notions, biblical interpretations of truth, and head knowledge rule!

Ministries are ceasing to look to the old model for provision – man looking to man. Man’s manipulation and hype (for provision), once so prevalent in the second day, has been replaced by man looking ONLY unto God, His ways, and His methods to obtain. In this third day, a Kingdom man who looks unto man for his provision (even in his heart) will not receive: ONLY when man looks unto God does that provision come. In the world there are limited resources; yet in the Kingdom there is no lack, as the third day man sees no limits of provision, and like the birds of the air worries not where or how his needs will be met – a costly and difficult lesson to learn. Where the appointment is, the provision waits – where it is not, provision cannot be found. This is not geography, job, calling, or ministry as much as a condition of heart, when trust shifts from God to self. The world’s system is characterized by man’s complete and utter dependence upon man; while the Kingdom is characterized by man’s complete and utter dependence upon God. In the world, the man most often depended upon is SELF! It is here that dependence must shift!

In the second day, life was about man and his God (two entities): In the third day, life is simply about God (Christ in me, the hope of glory) – (one entity). Revelation (awareness) becomes impartation (ability), as the government of God is firmly established in the heart of God’s own. The ‘talk’ becomes ‘walk,’ without effort. The third day life is here, and as we learn to live with its characteristics, we will soon see its extraordinary benefits. The Kingdom is a government, and as citizens of that government we are obliged to understand how it works. Understanding its characteristics are keys to seamless integration into the most exciting times the earth has ever seen – the Kingdom is at hand!