Over the years we have continued to say in our writings, “It’s not in the doing, it’s in the being.”  More and more we encounter folks who simply do not understand this concept or simply refuse to walk in it by choice.  This is usually done because often we find our identity in what we ‘do’ for the Lord.  This wrong thinking has been propelled by the religious spirit which thrives in many churches today.  Folks, it is NOT in what we ‘do’ for Him that matters.  What matters most to Him is our ‘being’ with Him.  How much time do you spend in each 24 hour day just sitting quietly in His presence “doing” nothing?  Are you able to find the secret place He has prepared just for you, go there and just ‘be’ with Him?  I’d love to see a survey of how that question is answered across the Body of Christ.
Very recently during one of my times in the secret place, He spoke to me and said, “Let’s just sit together here you and I.  I am hungry for your fellowship.”
I responded, “Daddy, You are hungry to be with me?”
He said, “Yes Dear One, I am finding great peace and pleasure in your company.  In these quiet moments, our spirits join and are one.  The strength of this union grows deeply; I in you and you in Me.  This is not like a visit you make to be with Me – it is a habitation cultivated in the depth of My love.  There are no words to describe it, for it can only be known by experience.  Selah.”
If you desire to have experiences like this, you must stop ‘doing’ and just ‘be’ with Him.  Take your journal and your pen with you.  Ask Him if He has anything to say to you and then wait for the butterfly thought’s to light upon you and start writing! Keep writing and you will be amazed at what He says.
Kris Vallotton recently said in one of his articles, “We have to be human beings before we are human doings.  When we try to ‘do’ something without first ‘being’ someone, we find ourselves making a living at a job we hate, or we gain our self worth from what we do.  This works when we perform well, but if we fail at something, our self esteem goes down the drain along with our confidence and joy.  Identity is not about what we do, but about who we are.  How are we answering our heart cries to know this?  Proper identity comes from the impartation of our Heavenly Father speaking to the deepest parts of us.”
Please don’t be busy this season ‘doing’.  Spend  time just ‘being’ in His presence with Him.  Stop your ‘doing’ – all of it; go to the secret place, quiet yourself, focus on Him and listen to what He has to say to you. Journal what He says and it will be a gift that lasts a lifetime…the best Christmas gift you could ever receive.