Any group or organization divided against itself cannot stand. It will never reach its goals, obligations or purpose and will eventually become irrelevant.  In-fighting compromises the integrity of the organization and it becomes self-destructive.  Sadly this is true of the Body of Christ, churches and ministries as well.

            As Christians we all have the same Father, but so often we act like Jesus’ disciples when they argued over who would be the greatest.  Pride in our beliefs is self-defeating because it can close our spirit to Father’s revelation of truth as He sees it.  Without Father’s continuing revelation of truth, we can find ourselves in bondage to tradition and on a crash course to religion.  That pathway leads to irrelevancy.  The more divided and religious we become, the more worldly we become.  It seems today we are becoming more and more relevant only within the walls of our church buildings.  The more we have retreated there, the more emboldened the godless have become.  They have gained tremendous ground in our society and in our churches.  But you know what?  It’s not too late!  As always, the Kingdom of God is at hand!  Father is available with his life and His love to all who will repent and choose Him.  He is ready and very able to burst our religious boxes and set us free.  His love and His life are readily available to us but we must each first receive that love and life before we have it to give to others.  Sadly, some of those most needy of Father’s love and His life-giving presence are His own children.

            Life is an ongoing series of choices.  The more we choose righteously, the better our life experience becomes.  The quality of our life experience is dependent on the quality and quantity of our love experience.  Father’s love is the ultimate life experience.  Once we have experienced the transformational power of Father’s love it becomes the treasure we have to offer our world.  In every hand shake, and every hug, with each eye contact or smile, we offer the essence of His presence! 

            Truly the Kingdom of God is at hand.  Are you willing to make yourself available to make a difference in your world?  Are you willing to humble yourself before Him and ask Him to reveal any and all things within you that separate you from Him?   Are you willing to receive instruction and direction from Him?  Are you willing to confess your sin and receive His forgiveness and your healing so you can move into more intimate relationship with Him?  Are your ready for new life experience?

Choices!  Choices!  Choices!