Lord forgive me for getting upset and crying tears again

I know how many times that I have said … “I trust You”

Yet again I find myself knee deep in self-pity

My heart broken, bruised and torn, desperate to be mended

I focus on myself, my little world of population one

Immersed in self-loathing, instead of soaking in the Son

He stands there patiently, waiting for my rant to be over

Then He wraps His arms around me, He loves me like no other

He says, “You may not see it yet but My word spoken to you is Truth!

Speak to that mountain child and you will see it move

Promise upon promise you shall see it manifest

So come to Me My child, come to Me and rest

Give up all your doubt and all of your frustrations

For I have given you My faith and made you a new creation

Full of My hope, My power, and full of My righteousness

You are Mine, born of Me, sealed with Love’s sweet kiss

Victory is yours My dear, now wave My banner high

No more time to waste on your “me, myself and I”

That person has been crucified and for itself no longer lives

I, Jesus Christ within you, to the world I want to give.”

So My love rejoice, the unraveling has begun

All the things you used to be have now been changed by Love.