Life as we have known it no longer will exist.

Life on Planet Earth is exploding into a new form.

God has implanted His Spirit Son endued with all power to create and recreate all things in the hearts and lives of His people on earth.

Not one stone or one brick of what man without God has created shall remain upon another.

Men, women and children of LOVE formed from within by Spirit God will carry and release the will of God in heaven on earth. Not one motion of their eyes or breath or heart beat will be out of synch with God in heaven. Every thought and every word will be of the Father Spirit God.

They shall speak and all the power of heaven will carry out the work of heaven on earth. Holy angels will move at the speed of light to bring forth the utterings of Christ Jesus within the multitudes of heavenly people on earth.

The transition will even now shake the earth and the heavens around it, as the works of rebellion and unlove are destroyed.


Babies are now being formed in the womb and birthed into the world equipped and prepared to live in the kingdom of God now on earth. The Spirit marriage of the Lamb of God with His chosen Bride generation is producing the fruit of Christ to move with Him in perfect synch with Father God in heaven.

The devil is going all out to stop the birth of this generation of Jesus’ offspring. Abortion, gender transitions, sterilization by gender change, surgery and drugs along with every conceivable tool is being used by the powers of darkness to kill the generation of prepared people of the kingdom before they grow up into their mission of their destiny in this life.

Satan’s evil plan is no match for the manifest presence of God changing and empowering His awakening people moving in synch with God. The light and love of God in the hearts of His people is releasing the ultimate power and wisdom of God to destroy the works of darkness. The devil will flee from the manifest presence of God in and with His people.


A great hunger for life in the Spirit as one with Spirit God Almighty is developing in the hearts of His chosen people now. The things of life as it has been now seem mundane to us and leave us desiring something more, something greater and more real.

I once asked God, “What can I do to be more hungry for You?” The reply came instantly, “Don’t eat so much of everything else.”

We gorge ourselves with secular activities of games, entertainment, over working, academics of learning facts about things we will never do. We travel the world over to fill our lives with more knowledge and find more interesting places to satisfy our pallet with gourmet foods and extraordinary Venus.

We train our children to strive in activities to be number one in playing games of competition. scholastics train them to strive for recognition as best in class or at least to keep up with the other kids. All of these things done from godless secular roots separates them from the true value of life in union with Spirit God. This in turn deprives them of the real life of love, power and wisdom of a sound mind in Christ Jesus.

The lack of the presence of Spirit God in their lives leaves them to strive alone in an endless challenge to be better, do more, have more, to be number one or at least as good as others.

For many the challenge is too great and they seek peace of mind and spirit in drugs, alcohol, sexual stimulation and activity, in an attempt to end their life of stress. In their minds without God, suicide becomes the only available option. Whether over time by drug or alcohol addiction or instantly by self-inflicted gunshot to the head or suicide by cop or car crash, death seems better than life.


Love relationship with God is the number one fulfillment and motivation of purpose in life. All else comes into order to prioritize our purpose of life. Family love relationship is the second most fulfilling and motivational purpose in life.

As sons and daughters of God relating to God and family in pure holy love is the foundation for all life in this world. The purpose for our lives and the power and wisdom to fulfill our purpose rest upon God and family. Every work of structuring, governing or leading of culture and society of life rest upon the foundation of God and family. WITHOUT GOD AND HIS FAMILY THERE IS NO WORTHY OR WORTHWHILE PURPOSE IN THIS LIFE!


For those who make it to the upper levels of the godless secular life success ladder and become financially secure without need for more, life can become hopelessly boring. Their purpose for life had been to acquire more money and status, to be number one or at least among the most affluent people of the world. After that goal is achieved and they have no need for more money or status life becomes meaningless.

Usually, marriage and family have not been a priority in their striving to achieve their goal of being number one. They have no love relationship with God to bring real purpose to their life.

In search of meaning and purpose of life, they adopt some purpose for their lives based upon their godless limited understanding. With the power their money provides them, especially when grouped with others of the same status and mind, they seek to rule the world to make it a better place.

Without God, their efforts succumb to a godless mental condition that today is called “leftist” or “Marxist.” They envision to rule the world and make it like their godless minds think it should be with every one structured in order under their rule. This is for the betterment of the world, in their minds.

Humanism is man without God trying to be god.

God’s people are AWAKENING to the reality that there is no good outcome for secular life without God. Individually and culturally only a love relationship with Almighty God can produce real life on earth.

THE TRUE RESET, NEW WORLD ORDER OR ONE WORLD GOVERNMENT IS THE KINGDOM OF GOD ON EARTH AS IT IS IN HEAVEN. The current attempt to bring reset to a one world government or new world order without God in Christ as Head is a satanic work to remove God and His people from the earth. It is direct opposition and a fake counterfeit of the kingdom of God, the rule of LOVE on earth as it is in heaven.


God in Christ by the Holy Spirit in His people is arising with power and love. The manifest presence of God is bringing real life of righteousness, peace and joy into this world through the many sons and daughters. Praise unto the Lord God of heaven and true worship is calling the people out of cultural darkness into His marvelous light.

Falling in love with God is the most significant event in our entire lives.

Natural man has never seen or heard, nor has it entered into his mind or heart what God has for those who fall in love with Him. The absolute peace and joy of being completely in love with God is beyond our imagination.

His love for each of us is entirely beyond or human understanding. All things change into fullness of all things good and wonderful. We lack nothing and do not have need of anything beyond Him. Our cup truly over flows with life and rivers of the living water of His life and love flows from us to fill the world with His love and glory.

We can endure all things, overcome all things, all things are possible to us as His will becomes our will, and His desire becomes our desire, and we ask what we desire and it is done. (John 15:7)

The liquid fire of the love of God fills us, consumes us and flows from us to the world around us. The enemy cannot come near us though thousands may fall it will not come near us. (Psalm 91).

But as it is written: “Eye has not seen, nor ear heard,
Nor have entered into the heart of man
The things which God has prepared for those who love Him.”

10 But God has revealed them to us through His Spirit. For the Spirit searches all things, yes, the deep things of God.

Ron McGatlin