I have been alarmed to say the least about the holiday season.  In October, there was a huge up-tick in demonic activity which culminated with the world’s celebration of Halloween.  For any of you who have followed us for any length of time, you know that we have been encouraging all to resist the temptation to celebrate satan’s high holy day.  Even before we could get past all the hype of Halloween, some merchants already had their Christmas decorations in place and were telling everyone to come out on Black Friday, or you would miss out! (In case you didn’t notice, there were huge fear tactics being used).  Supposedly it was to begin for most shoppers in the wee hours of the morning on Friday AFTER Thanksgiving.  However, each year we see the domination of merchandising and greed beginning earlier and earlier. 

This year we saw news reports where law enforcement agencies were asking  the large chain stores NOT to open their doors at midnight on Friday.  Their pleas were not heeded and we saw further reports that some had pushed back their opening time to 10 PM Thanksgiving night!  They could not even allow us a full day set apart and intended for giving thanks to the Lord for our bountiful harvests – whatever those harvests might look like to you and your family.  Merchandising and greed over took the Thanksgiving Holiday and the turkey had not even digested before we were swept away with the greed and covetousness.   Some even used pepper spray to ward off their competition and demonstrate just how serious their greed had made them.  I deem this absolutely disgusting behavior and I refuse to participate in it.

Here are some things that I believe we need to focus on in our gift giving.  The most important gifts we give are from the Lord.  We all need to examine what gifts He has given us and how we might in turn give them away to others.  You won’t find any of these at Target, WalMart, or the Malls!  Giving in it’s purest form is FROM THE HEART and EXPECTS NOTHING IN RETURN; for giving in this form has its own reward!  Selah.