In the New Testament we read about the angel Gabriel appearing to Mary and telling her that she was going to conceive and bring forth a son, and His name would be called Jesus. Mary’s reply was “Behold the maidservant of the Lord. Let it be to me according to your word.” The Holy Spirit is showing me that although every one of us are carrying a promise from God, some of us are spiritually tired and emotionally drained. The time of being pregnant with Gods promises may be exhausting and seem long term, but don’t get weary in the process. A natural pregnancy is measured in three stages which are called trimesters. Many of you are in your third trimester. Don’t abort the baby because your due date is drawing near. Get ready to push.

The Lord says; the water is about to break and you are about to deliver. Stay strong and stay focused during the process. There are gifts that have been lying dormant inside of you and it is now time to give birth to what I have imparted to you. Doors are about to open for what I have called you to do. Although the waiting has been arduous, you are about to give birth to what you have been predestined for. You may have been in hibernation for so long and are afraid to step out, but now is the time to be released into what you have been created for. In the same way that Gabriel came to Mary and said that she was highly favored, I say to you that you are also highly favored. You did not conceive through artificial insemination but through My Spirit. The seed that has been implanted inside of you will come into fruition, and My divine presence operating within you will be regenerated.

In the same way that Mary was impregnated supernaturally, you will also conceive supernaturally. You are also carrying something so valuable that will change the world if you submit to it. Just as Mary’s cousin Elisabeth was also pregnant and the baby leaped in her womb, I will also bring others to you who are also carrying divine destiny. I will place people in your life who are also pregnant with the same vision. They are those who are in alignment with the same dream. Together you will work in unison and there will not be any disunity. Trust Me when you feel that the process is too difficult. Know that it is I who works in you both to will and to do for My good pleasure. Do not say that this is an uncomfortable place, but know that it is necessary to bring you into My purpose and plan for your life. You will know that you are in the third trimester as the discomfort intensifies. Don’t try to induce labor before its time, but welcome My plan as it comes into existence. This is not the time to give up but get ready to push because you will soon see the fulfillment of the promises that I have for you says the Lord.