Recently there has been a huge assult against those in the Body of Christ who are truly seeking to follow after the Father’s plan and see His Kingdom coming here to earth as it is in Heaven. 
Not long ago, during an intense battle with the enemy, one of our ministry intercessors called to say that she’d see in the spirit a ‘bloody battle’ that we’d been engaged in.  Her descriptions of that battle fully told the story of our previous weeks and months.  We’d been in the battle for so long, it had become too familiar for us to see…the old forest for the trees thing!  Her call was surely a wake up call from Daddy, and we embraced it as so. 

That night as I was on my way to bed, I passed a table in the living room where a picture of our vision of the retreat center in Colorado sits.  Beside that picture is a small round river rock from this land that we had previously picked up on one of our prayer journeys there.  I distinctly heard Father say, “Touch the rock, Braveheart.  Touch the rock.”  As I reached down to touch the rock, I immedately felt a strong presence of the Holy Spirit birthing a new plateau in me.  I heard Father say,  “Don’t quit.  Don’t you ever give up on the vision I have given you.  I have a purpose far greater, broader and wider for you than your mind could possibly understand at this time.  DO NOT GIVE UP in the heat of the battle, Braveheart.  Stand strong and see My promises all come to pass in MY TIME.”

I know that many others have been struggling in the heat of your own battles in recent days, weeks and months.  Your emails, cards and phone calls confirm this to us.  We want to encourage you with this word from Blessing Your Spirit by Arthur Burk and Sylvia Gunter:

You are in the eye of the Ancient of Days.
He watches over you and He cares for you.
He is not grooming you for survival, but for triumph.
He is grooming you to be a leader.