As we move further into the Mercy Season of the church which began in February 2004, we are experiencing something that has brought us great freedom from the laws and rules of the preceding Ruler Season.  Let us begin sharing what we have experienced by first defining the two seasons.

About 1900 – 2004
Characteristics: Church learned spiritual warfare ~ build and fight; forceful evangelism; religion, law and rules governed the church; 70’s and 80’s stressed unity; one stayed in their denomination; institutional unity; birth of intercessors; pastors initially very threatened by intercessors; intercessors began cross pollination across denominational lines which has enriched the church; different streams began to emerge; defeat of tribalism in the Body of Christ; emergence of phones and internet gave way for communication of horizontal nature; initiative in the marketplace and it became acceptable to take faith into the business marketplace. Businessmen became legitimized in the church.  God redeemed unity in the church.

February 2004 to Jesus’ return
Characteristics: The greatest season of all; Intimacy with Father and the message of Father’s love will be predominate characteristic; people will smell the fragrance of Christ; those who get saved in this season will largely reject the religion of the Ruler Season; believers seeking intimacy with Father will find peace and rest which will crush chaos and religious views. God is redeeming the culture, changing it to release the line between sacred and secular. Jesus will return.

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 Because we were born during the Ruler Season, born again and began our relationship with Jesus and the church during this season, we know it well.  Most of its characteristics listed above we practiced for years.  Then suddenly in February 2004, there was a shift, a transition in the air.  What had previously worked for us spiritually suddenly felt dry and empty.  There was literally no life in anything we attempted.  When we became aware of this change, we began to do one thing.  We simply embraced the new season by faith. 
It was about this same time that we experienced the gift of Father’s unconditional love poured out on both of us and suddenly we were finding our true legitimacy in Him.  Performance orientation, law and rules and slavery quickly were replaced by relationship with Father.  He became Daddy to us.  
Another miracle took place during this time.  The authority we had pursued and felt we had earned in the Body of Christ through our maturing as a son and daughter of the Most High suddenly became a non-issue!  We no longer needed any titles or a place on any platform.  The legitimacy we had come into through our relationship with Father had quickly turned our man-made religious authority into a precious gift from Daddy…it was the power of Presence.  Our stinkin’ thinkin’ had been transformed by His love and dominion replaced authority.  The authority of the Ruler Season could be defined as ‘the legal right to posses, command or influence.’  When we walk in dominion, we walk in the power of Father’s Presence in us and when we enter a room, the atmosphere changes because of His Presence in us.  It is not something we do, nor is it something we earn.  It is not invoked when someone bestows a title upon us.  When we walk in dominion we learn to access the realms of God’s Kingdom rather than relying on any earthly means of provision.  When one walks in dominion, peace and rest are the result and that peace destroys chaos.  When we walk in dominion we become true peacemakers.   Simply defined we can say AUTHORITY is the power of position.  DOMINION is the power of Presence.