We are pleased to announce that we have added a new link to the PITFH Website.  We will now be posting some articles in audio format.  It is our desire that this new format provide a more relational context and since PITFH is all about relationship, with Father and with each other, we felt that this might be a great way to promote that.  We hope you enjoy this new format and that you will share your feedback with us through the contact page on the website or via email.  Click here to visit the new link:  https://placesinthefathersheart.org/audioarticles.php

These Audio Articles are also available in written form on the website.  We encourage you to print them and use them as you wish.  We ask that you print them without edit and we are encouraged when you credit Places In The Father’s Heart as their source.

Blessings in the Father’s love,
Roger and Gerri