I’d like to begin these thoughts with this statement: “Forgiveness has a P.S. and it is this…AS IF IT NEVER HAPPENED!”
What is your first response to this opening statement?  Do you really get it?  Well, it’s just this…when I truly forgive someone for their sin against me, I must reach the place in my mind and heart where I can truly say the offense never happened!  Usually, our first reactions are in our flesh and possibly assisted by the demonic!  After all, if satan has you trapped in resentment, unforgiveness and bitterness, he certainly doesn’t want to lose control of his captive!  Right?  Besides, he may have already bombed you with some form of sickness or disease because of your sin.  He certainly doesn’t want you to wake up and repent and get healed.  That would destroy all the time and effort he has invested in you to keep you from being a victorious child of the Most High God!  He knows if you ever discover the power of Father’s love and grace and rise up to your rightful place of authority over sin and all satan’s works, he’s just toast!
Now I know that for many of us just the thought of forgiving offense and abuse to the point of ‘as if it never happened’ is absurd.  But wait!  That may be true in the flesh, but as a child of God we are not to be controlled by our flesh and the devil!  We are supposed to live in the Spirit, in the supernatural, in the powerful love and grace of God!  That’s where our victory over sin and the flesh and the devil comes from!  Father never asks us to do anything that He hasn’t already made provision for!  When He says we must forgive others their trespasses against us if we want to be forgiven for our trespasses against Him, He means it!  He has made grace (power) available to us to accomplish here and now what may seem to be impossible!  However, if we will submit to His love and in obedience take steps to forgive and release others from their sins against us, the Holy Spirit is on the scene to empower us to completion and begin a new chapter in our spiritual walk toward our purpose and destiny in God!!
Remember this.  Unforgiveness and bitterness are sin and sin opens the door to sickness, disease and satan!  Do you have any health issues?  Could they be spiritually rooted in sin?  Have you prayed and prayed for healing but healing doesn’t come?  Maybe it’s time to get a clue that holding on to sin is self destructive and gives satan permission to jerk your chain anytime he wants to!  If this is you, then you are living in defeat and far beneath the supernatural life that Jesus made possible for you.  In and with God all things are possible, even forgiveness to the point that ‘it never happened!’