In 2013 when we returned from 8 years in ministry in South Carolina, Father said, “I want you hidden in plain sight.”  It took some time to understand just what He meant by that directive.  We soon were to find out.  Basically we were back in Colorado but hidden in the pit just as Joseph was hidden in his pit.
When God gives a prophecy, there is always the time from ‘the pit to the palace’ where preparation takes place to equip us for the fulfillment of the word that has been spoken over us.  During this time we will experience rejection, betrayal, accusation, intimidation, and more.  This is God’s pruning time.  In the midst of this time, we will often experience the testing’s of the Lord.  Good thing about His testing’s is that we never fail His tests, we just get to take them over and over and over and over and over until we pass them!  In the meantime our angels walk with us through each testing and around each mountain again and again and again until one probably could hear them saying, “NO, not this mountain again!.  Lord, please, not again!  Really, Lord, do we have to do this AGAIN until one could potentially see the need for your angels to be in counseling!!!  So says Graham Cooke in his powerful message Why Wounded & Betrayed Believers Are  Valuable to God.
Here is the link to that message:  We encourage you to take time to listen to this message.  We know most won’t, though we pray that you will especially if you are at all interested in the vision Father has given PITFH over 37 years ago.  It will help you to understand the vision, calling and journey that we have been called to walk.  It will also equip you to endure your own journey.  It will encourage you to know that Father ALWAYS loves us and is always with us on our journey…even when our own angels need counseling!!