The past few days I have been feeling the Lord really “zooming in” on anxiety. I saw high levels of anxiety that have been there for years and years, and anxiety that has come on because of this season and fear, the Lord is going after it.

I had a vision and I saw Jesus blowing upon the hearts and souls of His people and as He blew I watched the Spirit of God moving within God’s people to begin to deal with the root issues and chains of anxiety. As He blew, and the Spirit of God found the areas where the anxiety had taken root, I saw His breath turn to FIRE.

I watched as the fire of God consumed the anxiety BY RELEASING A REVELATION OF HIS LOVE!!!! The fire of His love was BREAKING the stronghold of anxiety by healing memories, fears, trauma’s and concerns by the radical revelation of His unconditional, never changing, ever the same and constant, beautiful love. I watched as the people of God WEPT as they saw anxiety and worry had taken their focus, areas of their hearts and souls exposed for needing to go deeper into TRUSTING HIM!!!! I watched repentance take place and deep, deep healing and strengthening was happening.

As the fire of His love was doing its work I could see Jesus smiling and with great excitement He was saying “ANXIETY AWAY! ANXIETY AWAY! ANXIETY AWAY!!!”

I saw LITERAL OVERNIGHT healings and deliverances from anxiety taking place and a HUGE blanket of His peace surrounding His people in a way they had never experienced before.

AWAKENING to His love was CHANGING EVERYTHING!!!!! As His love was revealed more and more I could hear the promises of His heart “I’ve got you!”, “I’ve got this!”, “I’ve got your back”, “I am working FOR you”, I am fighting “FOR you”, “I have never left you”, “All is well, I am here”, “Provision is coming”, “I will not let you down”, “It’s time to hope and dream again”, “resurrection life is upon you”, “healing is your portion”, “freedom is yours”, “your name is VICTOR”, “you have great strength in Me”, “you will NOT be overcome!!!”, “the BEST is yet to come”.

He smiled and spoke: “Awaken to the revelation of My love and know and experience double portions of the revelation of JOY!!”