We have found ourselves in another time of transition.  Everyone and everything goes through times of transition.  What often happens is that we don’t realize what is happening and then miss what God is doing in our lives during these times. 

Several years ago we met with our mentor Al Ells in Phoenix to discuss a difficult time in our lives.  After talking with him for just a few minutes, he said, “Relax guys, you’re just in a time of transition.”  He then went on to discuss some of the characteristics of transition.  You can read them by CLICKING HERE.

Often we have gone back and reviewed this article which was born from our notes that we took that day with Al.  We hope that you will enjoy reading or re-reading them and that you will find some real nuggets of truth that will help you.  Times of transition can be some of the greatest times in our lives.  They can also be some of the most destructive if we don’t understand and embrace them.