Where there is life, the people prosper.  Where there is light, the people prosper.  Where there love, the people prosper.   When life, light and love are diminished, darkness creeps in, and the human spirit lacks authority.  Flesh rules and hope gives way to discouragement and destiny is lost in the shadows.  But then, the Kingdom of God is at hand and resurrection power and authority are available to mankind at their request.  All that is necessary for man to live supernaturally and in abundance has been provided through the death and resurrection of Jesus Christ.  What greater gifts can be offered and rejected by so many generation after generation? Come to the table of blessing and provision and partake freely of that which We have made available to you.  When will man realize that We are his blessing and provision?  We offer you an abundance of life, light and love.  Taste and see the goodness of life in the table set before you.  Step into the Spirit, follow the narrow path that leads to life and you will find resurrection power to fulfill your destiny.  You are loved beyond measure and We await your decision.  Choose life, choose light and choose love for that is Who We are.

Love to you and yours,

Father, Son and Holy Spirit