For many years now, Roger has been receiving words from Father concerning America and her next Civil War.  You can review some of these words typing in the word ‘America’ in the search box here.

The lines are clearly being marked and the land and territory staked.  Never before in our history have we seen what we are seeing today on the political, social and spiritual fronts.  They are all tied together and as Christians we need to very much aware of what Father is saying concerning how all this pertains to us, the Body of Christ.

Today another stage is being reported on.  It involves the new leaders of the sides in this war.  CharismaNews has run an opinion article written by Michael Snyder.  It’s title is revealing:  “Obama Is Commanding His Army of 30,000 anti-Trump Activists from His House 2 miles from the White House.”   This is a very interesting article.

On January 29, 2016, Roger again posted a word that gives all of us in the Body of Christ clear direction regarding our part in the upcoming Civil War.  It bears repeating here:

“Daddy says: The judgment that is coming will produce the fruit that is ripe for picking; the homeless, the broken, the hopeless. This is how mercy and judgment can work together and produce good fruit. Destruction, pain, suffering and loss are fertile ground for love to blossom and capture hearts that are hurting. I have prepared My teams. Heaven and earth are ready in rescue mode. There will be wailing and gnashing of teeth and at the same time tears and shouts of joy will fill the air as newborns are released from judgment’s grasp! The army grows!”

We have a significant part to play in the upcoming days.  This Second Civil War will usher in the most remarkable time of revival we have yet to see.  It will surpass all previous ones because it will produce what Bill Johnson says true revival really is:

“Revival is not a series of meetings. Revival is when the Spirit of God has arrested the hearts of the people of God; the Presence of God has become the primary focus of the church; and the affects of revival such as manifestations, conversions, healings, deliverances and so on have brought change to the culture.”

Arrest and change my heart, O God.  May I be like YOU and may I be a part of the affects of true revival.