For the past seven years, Father has been speaking to me some profound and unpopular messages.  As they have come, I have journaled them.  I believe  it is time now to share them openly and unreservedly with you.  On Tuesday, November 6, 2012, when the announcement came that Obama had been re-elected for a second term, I felt great sadness and entered a time of deep grief for my country, yet I knew that what I was seeing happen was from the hand of my Heavenly Father.  He had been saying this to me and many others since January of 2005.  I have asked Gerri to recap these selections from my journal and post them here for you to read.  Some of these warnings we have posted in earlier blogs, but I feel it important that I share them with you here just as I received them.

January 15, 2005

My son, My heavens are aflame with excitement as the news of My unconditional love spreads far and wide on the wind; gentle whispers of love to the farthest reaches of the earth!  My heavens rejoice, My son, as word of My love reaches the secret place of man’s heart; that place of darkness where there should be light; that place of emptiness and loneliness that should have been full to overflowing of love, honor and respect. 

The earth is beginning to pulsate, to vibrate and the news rumbles through the air like thunder!  The noise is the noise of war, the sound of conflict, the violence of confrontation between love and hate, peace and war, flesh and spirit.  The violence of the conflict will increase, My son, in the spirit realm and in the natural realm as I continually confront the world with my unconditional love.  There will be greater divisions between light and darkness.  Mankind will be forced to decide, make an eternal choice, which path they will choose.  Destiny awaits My creation. 

Rejoice with the Heavens, My son, because love is victorious.  In your remaining days you will see wonders you have only dreamed of son, the greater things are upon you.  Keep your focus on Me, son.  Don’t be distracted by needs or difficulties.  Remember life is love, My son, and love is life!

Nothing else is important.  Everything flows out of this one revelation!  Keep this jewel of life foremost in your mind and heart and offer it freely at every opportunity.  Rejoice, My son, rejoice.  Join the chorus for My Kingdom comes as you have requested!  It is My good pleasure to give you the Kingdom!


Heaven is invading earth at a rapid pace!  Evil will respond more openly in response to My invasion!  Decisions.  Decisions.  What to do?  Choices.  Choices.  Why so many choices?  Confusion.  Confusion everywhere man turns.  Disaster, trauma, and fear encourages the enemy of man’s soul.  That which can be shaken must be shaken.  Weak foundations must be revealed.  The hidden must be exposed.  The weak must be made strong to withstand the coming onslaught!  COME TO ME!

I AM peace.  I AM rest.  I AM love.  I AM your provision.  I AM safety.  “COME TO ME!” shouts our God and Father!  The Heavens tremble at His cry!  All is well in the secret place.  Come and take My hand before you have a need, before the evil day arrives!  Love is the perfect weapon for every situation.  Love is the ultimate conqueror of the universe.  I will work and I will push now to force man to decide the path he will take; life of death, blessing or cursing, love or hate.  With a renewed vigor I offer My unconditional love to all.  Won’t you give up your rebellion, your independence, your self-centered god-like attitudes?  Won’t you humble yourself and come to Me and find true love and the life you have been looking for?  I am your ultimate satisfaction.  I am all your dreams come true.  I am here for you.  Father.

6/08/07  (this was posted in our archived newsletter dated October 2008 and can be found in the archives of newsletters on the website.)

A breeze began to blow and I thanked Daddy for the breeze because it was hot and He said, “And with the breeze comes the pestilence, son.”   So I asked, “a pestilence on us or the USA or what?”  He said, “A pestilence on  the USA and the world, son. Every nation will suffer according to its Godlessness.  As I already told you, there will be seven major events that will shake world foundations.  Many will perish.  Many will panic.  Many will humble themselves and cry out to Me.  Also, many will recognize that My people will prosper in the midst of the pestilence.  So there will be jealousy and envy and even hatred for My people worldwide.  Persecution will increase in many areas, but fear not, for I am with you and Mine, and I will break forth upon you and through you to make very clear that I AM.  All will have opportunity to see the truth and choose.  There will be wailing and gnashing of teeth.  In the midst of each crisis, there will be more and more supernatural release and expressions of love and power.  Multitudes will arise and sing My praises and multitudes will perish, but the end is not yet.”  Father


Awake!  Awake O church, all of you who would represent Me to the world.  Look carefully to yourselves for your days of comfort are coming to an end.  For very soon circumstances will confront you and force you to choose your future path for life.  Those of you who have already, or those who will choose righteously and choose relationship with Me rather than your current idolatry will walk in and experience a supernatural life of power, authority and provision in the midst of chaos.  Those who choose unwisely will suffer the consequences of your choices.  It is your decision.  You have the ability to choose righteously.  I hope you will.  I long for your heart to turn to Me.  Awake, My people.  Awake.  I am calling on you.  Shake yourself before you are shaken.  Humble yourself before you are humbled.  Confess your sin before you are exposed.  I can forgive and heal anything if you will only repent.  I am available to you.  I love you and I want the very best for you, so choose righteously and choose now.  Your Father.


Gerri and I soaking together and Joshua 4:1 came to my mind.  I opened my Bible and it reads:

“When all the nation had fully passed over  the Jordan, the Lord said to Joshua.”  I read the whole chapter and then went back to verse 1 and Father began to say to me the following:

“Son, Israel crossed the Jordan into the Promised Land, but America has crossed their Jordan out of their Promised Land.  You, America, have desired to be free from the restraint of God.  So be it!  Your destiny is now in your own hands.  Just as Adam and Eve left their Promised Land to toil without Me so it is now with you, America.  Those who follow after Me I will protect and provide for.  But the rest will find their destiny on their own. 
I said, “Father is there some way you could confirm this revelation is from You?”  He said, “Try Ezekiel Chapter 7.”  So I turned there and it says, “Ez 7:1, Moreover the word of the Lord came to me saying, vs 2  also, son of man, thus says the Lord God to the land of Israel (America):  “An end!  The end has come upon the four corners of the land.”  Vs 3  “Now is the end upon you and I will send My anger upon you and will judge you according to your ways and will bring upon you retribution for all your abominations.  Vs 4  And my eye will not spare you, neither will I have pity; but I bring recompense for your evil ways upon you while your abominations are in the midst of you (calling down punishment from a righteous God) and you shall know (recognize, understand, and realize) that I am the Lord.”

This is astounding confirmation.  I have been saying for many years that we (America) cannot continue spitting in God’s face without disastrous consequences.  It seems we are about to reap what we have sown!


Now hear this!  Now hear this!  The King of Glory reigns over the earth and of His rule their will be no end!  Mankind’s rebellion to God has once again reached the tipping point!  Consequences and correction must increase.  The unpleasantness that follows is totally unnecessary except for man’s hardness of heart.  It is insane to choose judgment over My blessing, pain instead of love, destruction instead of My grace.  Your self-centered arrogance will cost you dearly, but what am I to do that will cause you to hear Me?  You scoffers of God will wail and gnash your teeth.  Your hard hearts will melt before Me, but it will be too late.  You will not recover!  I have repeatedly offered you life in abundance, love unconditionally and My blessing.  Instead you have chosen yourself and the limitations of your flesh and My judgment for your sin.  With sadness of heart, I declare, so be it.  For My people, I declare have no fear, for I am here at your side.  I am for you so you are victorious.  Do not be ruled by what you see around you.  I am fully able to keep you safe.  Your trust and faith in Me will be required in days ahead like never before.  So gird yourself up for the good fight.  Be steadfast and immovable in My love for you who are faithful.  I am and always will be, Your loving Father.


Father do you have anything to say to me today.  Yes, son, I do.  The world is in chaos and chaos is in the world.  Confusion reigns east to west and north to south.  Differing opinions breed warfare.  Fear traps man in his comfort zone of beliefs not allowing the flexibility to deal with the crisis at hand; therefore self-destruction is imminent.  Self idolatry is a malignant cancer spreading around the world like wildfire unable to be quenched.  Oh the price man pays unnecessarily.  My Kingdom is at hand amidst the chaos.  The bright light of My love is glaring in the darkness at hand.  A true invitation not hidden; an opportunity without strings, yet many choose self destruction.  Oh the futility of rebellion and hardness of heart.  There are only two choices for man to make.  Death or life.  Could it be any easier?  Your choices bring consequences.  You are in the driver’s seat.  It is not too late to choose life and blessing.  My Kingdom is at hand available to you.  It is not too late.  I long to be your Father. 


I sat down and asked Father if He had anything to say to me from His Word.  He said Jeremiah chapter 19.  There God instructed Jeremiah to go and prophesy that God was bringing evil and destruction against Jerusalem because they had turned their backs on him.  I believe this again is a warning for the USA.  I noticed in my Bible that I had highlighted vs 7-10 in chapter 18.  So I also read that.  It talks about God blessing a nation or destroying a nation based on their obedience to Him or their disobedience such as each case may be. 

I will close with this poem Father gave me.  It is an invitation to us all to come into His Kingdom; that place of peace and rest where love and life have been created and saved for those who will live life here on earth as it is in Heaven.  May you be found among those who are no longer living to build an earthly kingdom.  May you be among those who are living to build His Kingdom here on earth.  In the days to come, it will be the ONLY safe place.

“The earth is My footstool

The heavens I roam

Oh that I could find a home.

A heart, a life, a family so fair

Someone, someone to care

I run to the mountains in search of a home

I run to the ocean all covered with foam

I turn, I look I search, I cry

A heart, a life, a family says I

My people , My people how much do I care?

Come unto Me, come I say

Jesus, My Son, has shown you the way

A heart, a life, a family is my plea

To share My life, My love with thee

It will make us so happy…all three!

So come, won’t you come I say

For My arms await you this very day

A plan and a purpose for your life I see

That will be fulfilled upon My knee

Come oh Come.  Let Me love you to life

For your place is reserved here in My heart

My love for you I will never impart…

    To another!

Come oh come.   Won’t you come and see

The wonders that await you upon My knee

Your Father, your Father I am you know

My son, My daughter come let us go

To that place of life and love created just for you

A place of peace and rest; a life brand new.

Your Daddy calls.”

Sending my love and His,