No, I am not confused. I know that we typically identify ADD as Attention Deficit Disorder; usually describing children and adults who have difficulty staying focused on a given task. They usually lose concentration and move on to something else, making completion of a task difficult. These people struggle their entire lives to compensate for this affliction. Since I am not familiar with the secular treatment for this condition, I cannot speak to that. I do believe that this disorder, like so many others, has a spiritual root and for complete resolution, must be dealt with in the Spirit.

Yesterday, while driving on the Interstate returning from our Thanksgiving trip to Alabama, the thought ADD popped into my head from nowhere. I thought where did that come from? I’ve never had that problem. Then the revelation hit me. Although I’ve never had ADD, Attention Deficit Disorder, I have had ADD, Affection Deficit Disorder. Wow! What a revelation! What a different way at looking at love hunger and its adverse effects on individuals, families and society in general. I’m not unique. This affliction is wide spread in society and the negative consequences are tragic. American society is in free fall. Since abortion was legalized and the death penalty assigned to unwanted, unborn children, America has been self-destructing. You reap what you sow, remember? This lack of common decency has destroyed the power of deciding right from wrong. Satan has been unleashed as never before to promote and establish debauchery and perversion as norms in society. A heavy cloud of confusion rests upon those who support this Godless agenda. Love hunger anyone?   Since our nation has steadfastly rejected God and His holy righteous ways, we have made Him our enemy. No nation has ever done that and survived to tell about it. Historians record the destruction for future generations. Now, did I get off subject? No, I didn’t. Because the current condition just related is a direct result of love hunger [Affection Deficit Disorder] in society. The symptoms are common and everywhere.

If a child is fortunate enough to be born to parents who know how to love and express affection, provide a safe and secure environment and encourage toward purpose and destiny, this child has a distinct advantage in life to be successful. Of course, without God, life is really a moot point, so hopefully this child will at some point encounter Jesus and Holy Spirit and eventually Father, Himself, so that his or her human love experience will be complete. Remember this: love hunger empowers a person to live a self-centered, sinful life but Father’s love experienced empowers that same person to live a God-centered, righteous life as a lover and giver, a servant to and for others, if you will. Love hunger empowers us to live life in the flesh but God’s love empowers us to learn to move into the Spirit realm where He is and live life in His Kingdom as He intended.

We believe God created mankind to need Him in order to live life to its full potential as He designed it. So, could we therefore say and believe that any person who does not know Father, Son and Holy Spirit on a personal, intimate basis is not fully human? In other words, there is much more to life than just flesh and human ability. The Spirit realm and the supernatural realm of God are supposed to be part of our life experience because God planned it that way! Believing God loves me is a starting place, but that must be followed by experience. A personal relationship must be established in order for the connection to be made. That connection brings the transformational power of Father’s love to bear on our human existence and delivers a potential death blow to our self-centered flesh. This is a major step into Kingdom living with God on a personal basis. His love is the ultimate resolution to our ADD [Affection Deficit Disorder] and the ultimate freedom to live life as He designed us to live it. Amen!