Recently we heard a powerful message from Bill Johnson on Kingdom Abundance.  We’d like to share with you what we took away from that message and applied to ourselves and to PITFH.
There were four main points. They are:
1)  Generosity
2)  Contentment
3)  Excellence in stewardship
4)  Expectation of increase

We’ll take each point one by one and share our thoughts and experiences.
GENEROSITY – How generous are we?  The more Kingdom centered we are, the less self-centered we will be!  Becoming selfless allows Holy Spirit to direct us and give us creative ways to be generous.  For example, when you enter a restaurant, do you check in with Father and ask Him to show you if there is someone you need to buy a meal for?  Do you use creative ways to get that done without letting the person receiving your gift know it was you?  Waiters and Waitresses are usually more than excited to become part of your plan to bless others in this way! We really love looking for police, fire and EMT’s to bless and often frequent a specific restaurant where they like to eat while on duty.
Generosity comes in all types, shapes and sizes.  How generous are you with your love?  Do you give your own love or do you give Father’s love?  You can’t give away what you don’t have!  What about time?  Are you so busy that you never have your time to share with others?  Often it isn’t convenient for you, but those times are the ones that really build the Kingdom around you.  Can you be inconvenienced for the sake of blessing someone else?
CONTENTMENT – Do you find yourself content with where you are or what you have?  Do you compare someone else’s blessings to blessings that you wish you had or can you simply rejoice when Father blesses a brother or sister with more than you have at the time?  Paul said, “I am content whether I am abounding or when I am abased.”  Do you have a wandering spirit; always looking to move or go someplace else?  This is a sure sign of discontent with where you are. Do you live anxiously or can you be content to just stay where you are and ‘be’ – spend time soaking in His presence and seeking to hear His still small voice?
EXCELLENCE IN STEWARDSHIP – What can Father trust you with?  When you are faithful [and content] with little, He will make you ruler over much.  How do you steward [use] the blessings that He gives you?  Do you squander them on self or do you look to bless others even when it seems the blessing is small and insignificant?  Father is looking for those who will steward well the little so that He can give increase until it is much knowing that you have earned His trust along the way.
EXPECTATION OF INCREASE – If we live and walk in a poverty mentality, never expecting blessings from a good, good Father, we have believed a lie.  He wishes above all things that we prosper and be in health, even as our soul prospers. He promises that He will supply all our needs according to His riches in glory by Christ Jesus!  When we walk in fear of never having enough,  we partner with the devil!  Expecting blessings from our Father is a huge part of living in His Kingdom and when allow His mighty power to work IN us, He is able to accomplish infinitely more than we could ask or think!  Ephesians 3:20