This is a time says God to laugh the laugh of faith. Abraham and Sarah greeted the angel of the Lord in their advanced old age with laughter that delighted the Father’s heart! The time of conceiving seed seemed over and their hopes and visions were faded prints on a distant dream. THEN GOD. Listen to me, I hear God say He is revitalizing those dry, cracked, faded hopes and promise that you faithfully held on to for years and now they are springing forth to new life, full of sap, full of life bringing the total manifestation of all that you have need of or every longed for. Plan “A” is still on the table. The enemy tried to tell you that hope was lost and the grave awaits but I say to you says God that resurrection is flowing down like rain into your life even now. The time of miracles is springing up in the dry field that your life feels like at times and SEED, FRUIT, HARVEST are manifesting in a moment of time so REJOICE and LET CELEBRATION TOUCH YOUR HEART ONCE AGAIN for you will NOT be disappointed.

~ Russ Walden, Father’s Heart Ministries