It was announced this morning that North Korea has just completed another nuclear test.  Here is a word Roger received sometime back that describes the days and times we are in and the world’s chaos and differing opinions.  It also mentions the darkness and light that Gerri’s article talks about.

“The world is in chaos and chaos is in the world.  Confusion reigns east to west and north to south.  Differing opinions breed warfare.  Fear traps man in his comfort zone of beliefs not allowing the flexibility to deal with the crisis at hand.  Therefore, self-destruction is imminent.  Self-idolatry is a malignant cancer spreading around the world like wild fire, unable to be quenched!  Oh, the price man pays unnecessarily.  My Kingdom is at hand amidst the chaos.  The bright light of My love is glaring in the darkness at hand.  A true invitation not hidden, an opportunity without strings, yet many choose self-destruction.  Oh the futility of rebellion and hardness of heart!  There are only two choices for man to make – death or life.  Could it be any easier?  Your choices bring consequences.  You are in the driver’s seat.   It is not too late to choose life and blessing.  My Kingdom is at hand and available to you.  It’s not too late.  I love to be your Father.”