12/4/14 – 4 AM

Message in tongues and interpretation –

The days of brightness and light are clouded and soon to be darkened even more. The consequence of your sin, America, is being now visited upon you. Pay attention now, you rebellious people, and see what judgment looks like. Smell and be revolted from your slumber. Listen and discern the violent retribution as the clash between good and evil is visited upon you!

“Daddy, is this really from You?”  I asked.

“Yes son. I cannot move ahead with righteousness without first warning the people. Every opportunity for repentance must be given! Even though most will not listen, some will be saved! It is the right thing to do, don’t you think? Grace is always preferred over judgment, but there must be repentance in order to deter judgment and release grace. I have eternal hope that some will choose repentance and come to Me! Oh that man would discover the depth of My resolve to see him saved, transformed and empowered as a love machine that can rebuild the world! Opportunity knocks once again. I offer My love and forgiveness. Who among you will receive My gift? Selah.